Bertholf Consulting has been operating since 1995, and since then has been active in contributing to the ongoing industry research in network security. This combined with years in the Big 5 consulting world has lead to a well-rounded and highly-skilled service offering to our clients.

The following is just a list of some of the publications that have been contributed to:

  • Windows NT Security : Step by Step
  • Windows 200 Security : Step by Step
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning : Step by Step
  • Oracle Security : Step by Step

Bertholf Consulting also maintains membership and relationships with organizations like SANS, SAGE, and USENIX.
Bertholf Consulting has also authored and contributed to several Internet-Drafts and soon-to-be RFCs. By utilizing the latest research and methods in information technology, Bertholf Consulting is able to provided unbeatable service to it's clients. Bertholf Consulting is run and managed by Rob Bertholf, and industry leader in security.

Rob Bertholf

Rob Bertholf has run Bertholf Consulting since its inception. Formerly a senior consultant for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young where he was the resident expert in the Americas on Sun hardware and Software, he now brings that experience with Fortune 500 firms to our clients.
Rob has contributed to several SANS publications such as:

  • Securing Windows 2000: Step by Step
  • Oracle Security: Step-by-Step
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning : Step by Step
Rob Bertholf is also a contributor to .

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