Tuesday the Energy Web Foundation (EWF), announcement than the commercial alliance SunSpec became its last member. Together, they aim to develop standards and solutions so that different brands of solar panels and battery storage equipment are interoperable. EWF is a global non-profit consortium that harnesses blockchain technology for renewable energyRead More →

Energy Web, a low-carbon energy accelerator using blockchain-based solutions, announced its partnership with the information and certification standards organization for the distributed energy resources (DER) industry, SunSpec Alliance. As per the official announcement, the two organizations have teamed up to jointly develop standards, certifications, protocols and digital solutions to supportRead More →

Energy Web Foundation (EWF), a global non-profit organization that uses blockchain and decentralized technologies for renewable electricity, has entered into several deals around the world in recent weeks. Brazil Two weeks ago, the energy intelligence company Fohat announced its partnership with EWF and AES Tietê, one of Brazil’s largest electricityRead More →