As part of its Blockchain Machine Identity Layer (BMIL) project, the German energy innovation authority DENA has chosen Energy web platform to build a decentralized identity solution. The tool will allow German distributed energy assets to be registered on a distributed ledger, which will allow the German electricity grid toRead More →

Today, the German Federal Energy Agency (DENA) announced the selection of the non-profit blockchain Energy web to create a digital register of distributed energy resources (RED) across Germany. These resources can include solar panels, batteries or thermostats. This Blockchain Machine Identity Registry (BMIL) is one of DENA’s three major projectsRead More →

RippleRipple’s Commitment to a Sustainable Global Digital Finance Future Continues as Ripple Open Development Platform Xpring launches an open source tool EW zero in collaboration with XRP Ledger Foundation, Energy web and Rocky Mountain Institute to decarbonize the public blockchain. Monica Long, SVP Marketing at Ripple, broke the news inRead More →