Bank Millennium SA: encourages energy savings and deactivates its signs

In autumn and winter, Bank Millennium will turn off the illuminated signs at its branches and head office in Warsaw, Wrocław and Gdańsk after working hours. It thus encourages saving and reducing electricity consumption in the face of potential difficulties in the energy market. The action is also the expression of a constant concern for the natural environment and results from the need for rational management of resources.

According to research, in times of high volatility in the energy market, Poles are looking for ways to save electricity, and they are mainly motivated to do so by costs and respect for the natural environment. Switching off the signs and illuminated panels in the Bank’s branches is a gesture by which we show that any activity that leads to a reduction in the consumption of resources is important in the current situation. We also encourage our employees to actively and responsibly seek out areas where they can save energy. – said Weronika Paksoy, head of the real estate subunit of Bank Millennium.

Given the difficulties in the energy market, while emphasizing the commitment to people, the environment and society, Bank Millennium is introducing additional measures to reduce electricity consumption. She decided to turn off the illuminated billboards and advertising screens at the head office and its branches across the country. The bank has 600 branches, including 200 franchise branches. In fall and winter, lighting will be turned off after hours when outlets are closed and not providing customer service. Thanks to this initiative, Bank Millennium stands in solidarity with all those who actively contribute to reducing energy consumption on a daily basis.

Activities in the field of ESG have been reflected in the activities of the Bank Millennium Group for many years, confirming that one of the most important and greatest challenges of our time is invariably the protection of the climate and the protection of the environment. The Bank has been monitoring, reporting and reducing its own emissions for over 10 years, but also reducing the consumption of resources and materials, for example electricity, heat, water, paper, plastic, office and branch offices as well as office equipment. Bank Millennium Group’s strategy for 2022-2024 calls for a 50% reduction in its own greenhouse gas emissions in 2022 compared to 2020. Climate neutrality with respect to the bank’s own emissions should be achieved by 2027, and full climate neutrality by 2050.

Millennium bcp has also decided to take a similar step concerning the extinction of light signals. Banco Comercial Portugues is Portugal’s largest commercial bank and a strategic shareholder of Bank Millennium.