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The Energy Web Foundation (EWF) recentlyannouncementThat more than 100 affiliates have signed up with the organization. The foundation aims to use blockchain to help the energy industry become cleaner, more resilient and more efficient.

To achieve its goals, the organization identifies and documents use cases and plans to launch its blockchain-based “Energy Web Platform”.

EWF has created one of the largest energy blockchain ecosystems in the world, connecting a wide range of organizations such as energy companies, utilities, network operators, startups and software developers.

Affiliates include German utility EnBW, French energy multinational Total, and State Grid EV service Co., a subsidiary of the world’s largest utility, State Grid Corporation of China.

In addition, there are many other big names such as Centrica, Duke Energy, Engie, e.on, equinor, GE, PG&E, SB Energy (SoftBank), Shell, Siemens, swisspower and TEPCO from Tokyo.

Affiliates play an important role in improving the EWF ecosystem. They help in the development of the initiative by building applications on the platform, testing the capabilities of the technology and hosting nodes for the decentralized network.

“EWF is accelerating the transition to a cleaner, more resilient and more cost-effective energy system,” said Jesse Morris, Commercial Director of EWF.

Founded in 2017, by the Rocky Mountain Institute and development company Grid Singularity, EWF is a global non-profit organization that provides blockchain technology to build a decentralized, carbon-free, democratized and resilient energy ecosystem. EWF has grown tremendously from 37 affiliates in February 2018 to over 100 today.

In October 2018, EWF and the PJM-EIS energy marketplace announcement a collaboration to create a blockchain-based tool for the US renewable energy certificate market. PJM-EIS’s parent company, PJM Interconnection, is the operator of the power grid for 13 US states serving 65 million people.

Additionally, Spanish energy companies Iberdrola and Acciona have both leveraged EWF technology to implement blockchain traceability for their renewable energy sources.


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