Blockchain based power saving trading platform

With the help of blockchain and EFFICIENCYany entity can save money on energy, save energy itself, and help investors get their capital back in tokens.

The ideas behind EFFORCE have attracted an incredible team, including Steve Wozniakwhich also helped launch Apple.

EFFORCE makes a lot of sense in today’s energy world – let’s take a closer look…

EFFORCE makes connections that save energy

EFFORCE simplifies the tokenization of energy savings, and this economic ecosystem has several elements. Initially, investors can guarantee energy savings through a system similar to Energy Service Companies (ESCo) which use Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) for a similar function.

An EPC helps create returns for investors when they deposit capital for an energy saving project. EFFORCE embraces this model, adding blockchain and NFTs, and giving people greater access to the open market.

The process is quite simple – and the investor can help another entity, say a factory, save money on energy. In return, the investor benefits from the investment he has made. Instead of buying a bond, the investor helps another entity save money on energy through energy efficiency systems, and both are rewarded.

EFFORCE eliminates middlemen and makes it easier for small investors to support energy efficiency projects, and also creates gains in the form of cost savings. Investors will be reimbursed in tokens and the beneficiary of the energy savings will see their costs drop.

It’s a win-win for everyone, including society as a whole.

A complex system we need

Much like venture capital deals and IPOs, there aren’t many people who can invest in large-scale energy efficiency projects. The market is specialized and the amount of money required is relatively large.

According to EFFORT,

The market currently works like this:

  1. Before carrying out an energy efficiency project, any entity that owns an energy system pays its bill to a private or public electricity and gas supplier.
  2. The ESCo evaluates the energy systems owned by the Beneficiary and implements them, in order to invest its financial resources in interventions to redevelop or improve the energy efficiency of factories or buildings.
  3. Throughout the duration of the contract, the Beneficiary pays part of the energy savings generated to the ESCo. This gives a return on the initial investment.
  4. At the end of the contract, the Beneficiary can take full advantage of the savings and the installed technology.
  5. The financial investment is entirely borne by the ESCo. The Beneficiary obtains a guaranteed immediate reduction in energy costs and, at the end of the contract, benefits from a new and already installed efficiency improvement intervention.
  6. EFFORCE enters the role of the ESCo., and allows its community of investors to buy. There are a few big advantages to this new model.

The first impact of the EFFORCE business model is sensitization.

Most people simply don’t know they can invest in energy efficiency, generate returns, and help the global energy system weather tough times. Second, EFFORCE is expected to generate more investment in the energy efficiency sector, as small investors can enter the space.

Unlike many forms of investment, retail investment in local energy efficiency projects will be positive in a person’s daily life. Let’s say someone wants to help a community infrastructure, like a downtown, be more energy efficient.

With the business model created by EFFORCE, not only would the investor benefit from their investment in financial terms, but their community would use less energy and free up capital for further improvements.

On the infrastructure side, there’s no need to resort to debt, and when the cost savings come, the repayments help people who might be supporting businesses in other ways.

EFFORT: the characteristics

EFFORCE is creating space for blockchain to help bring together investors of all sizes and any economic entity that can benefit from energy savings. There are no losers in this ecosystem, because we need to save all the energy we can.

In addition, EFFORCE is working on the Energy Performance Smart Contract, a first in the industry. Investors will have the opportunity to use their WOZX tokens to support NFT-based energy efficiency projects, which can be local or anywhere in the world.

According to EFFORT,

In a nutshell, the contribution process works like this:

  1. A project is selected and approved for funding via the EFFORCE platform. The implementation cost is the amount requested by the beneficiary or the ESCo to finance this given project. This amount, expressed in USD, is divided into small parts represented by NFTs, each valued in USDC.
  2. WOZX holders wishing to contribute to the project are invited to lock up their tokens in order to obtain the right to mint the desired amount of NFTs. The amount of WOZX to lock for each mint is declared in the project description.
  3. The minting contract is deployed on-chain and activated on a declared date. At this point, token lockers can decide to mint the NFT at the mint price in USDC. The NFTs are now in the coin mechanism’s wallet.
  4. The striking contract is terminated and no more striking is possible. Project implementation begins. A staking contract reserved for the project’s NFT is deployed on-chain and activated. NFT holders can now stake their NFTs.
  5. The project is implemented and begins to generate returns. The beneficiary or the ESCo converts these declarations into USDC. USDC is deposited on an on-chain smart contract that hits mWOZ with a 1:1 ratio so the reward tokens are fully backed up and instantly redeemable with USDC. The Beneficiary or ESCo deposits mWOZ directly into the staking contract by distributing the rewards to the NFTs staked in this manner. Only staked NFTs can earn rewards.
  6. The project is finished. The staking contract is terminated, the NFTs are only instakable and the lock contract WOZXs are unlocked.

Build better support systems

EFFORCE creates valuable connections, in addition to IP that could be deployed in other areas. While EFFORCE’s first growth phase will be in the area of ​​energy efficiency, the software and platforms it creates can be used in any area where the group’s investments are made.

For example, the platform created by EFFORCE is intended for energy investments, but it could also be used to finance start-up startups. The markets are different, but the challenges facing retail investors in the venture capital market are similar.

When more smaller investors are able to enter the market, capital flows multiply. Essentially, EFFORCE has created a new way to support new investments and give people more influence over where the money is spent.

EFFORCE: Energy efficiency and more

In today’s energy-poor world, any efficiency gain is welcome. When those gains help small investors invest both globally and locally, the deal only gets better. We’re not going to have another 100 years of nearly free energy, so it’s time to embrace energy efficiency.