Parity Technologies and Energy Web, a non-profit building operating system for carbon-free energy grids, announced their joint plans to “enable energy companies to operate their own sovereign and customizable blockchains or in partnership with other players in the energy market ”. According to announcement, blockchains as part of the newRead More →

Energy Web and Protocol Labs finally made the announcement, showing the adoption of open source solutions by cryptocurrency miners with the aim of harnessing decentralized renewable energy sources according to Filecoin Predictions reports. Six Filecoin storage providers purchased authenticated renewable energy using Energy Web Zero from 3Degrees as part ofRead More →

ZUG, Switzerland, September 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In support of the Crypto Climate Agreement (ACC), Protocol laboratories and Energy web today announced a successful showcase of an open source solution for decentralized purchasing of renewable energy by crypto miners. In this solution showcase, six Filecoin storage providers purchased verifiedRead More →

The Energy Web Token (EWT) project is a decentralized open source blockchain network designed to empower Dapp developers in the energy industry. The platform seeks to accomplish this task by creating a digital infrastructure that connects network operators, customers and physical assets such as electric vehicles, solar panels and thermostatsRead More →

How to finance access to electricity in rural areas? This is a major concern for providers of decentralized electricity access solutions. Engie Energy Access tries to answer this nagging question by setting up the decentralized crowdfunding platform “DeFi”. The subsidiary of French energy giant Engie is developing this solution inRead More →

ENGIE Energy Access and Energy Web have signed a partnership agreement aiming to electrify sub-Saharan Africa with green solar energy. The team plans to create what it calls a decentralized financing crowdfunding (DeFi) platform that will allow investors to provide microloans that will support the deployment of renewable energy, accordingRead More →