CDC promotes saving energy and resources during the holidays – Grady Newsource

A sustainable vacation this season could mean that generations to come initiate new traditions of saving energy and resources. Holidays are times spent with family and loved ones; however, a lot of wasted energy, electricity, packaging and food are also expended.

Since there is so much excess during the holidays, going green might not be the worst idea this year. According to the CDC, Thanksgiving through New Years brings about 25% more trash. In fact, comparing the amount of paper wasted, enough paper could be saved to cover 45,000 football fields if every American family wrapped three presents in repurposed materials.

Sustainability is the responsible and conscious use of environmental resources to protect and maintain the environment.

The CDC provides several tips to consider when preparing for the holidays.

From Christmas trees to ornaments and lights, decorations are an important element. The CDC suggests decorating with energy-efficient and durable items such as artificial trees or disposing of live trees at a chipping facility. The goal is to think as ecologically as possible.

Although the lights light up the holiday time, the maximum electricity and energy conservation is more efficient.

Jillyan Gillard is a graduate in journalism.