Chery plans new energy power structure for next 30 years

ANKARA, Turkey, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chery 4.0 Era All-Domain Power Architecture covers fuel, hybrid, electric and hydrogen energy, and essentially includes all known possible roadmaps for automotive power technologies over the next 30 years. Then Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. will follow a step-by-step strategy and gradually realize the complete self-development of electrical products.

Currently, Chery is planning to let new energy vehicles into the global market. New energy vehicles equipped with the world’s advanced technologies will soon appear in many countries, providing global consumers with a unique driving experience. Chery also plans to enter the Turkish market, let’s see how it performs.

On May 18, 2021, Chery’s “world’s first” hybrid DHT configuration has officially rolled off the production line. It has the first dual-motor drive among Chinese brands, which can achieve 9 fully functional working modes. It was installed on TIGGO 8 PRO e+ and officially launched in China.

On March 5, 2022, Chery’s “dedicated hybrid engine development” DHE project, another key national R&D project, has passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the expert jury for project acceptance. This hybrid engine project focuses on the pursuit of high compression ratio deep Miller cycle and high lean burn combustion and provides Chery’s mass production engines (G4 and G5) with strong technical support .

As China A leading automobile brand, Chery started the path of independent research and development of new energy vehicles from the very beginning of its establishment. In 2017, the spectacular inauguration of Chery QE1, due to its excellent product toughness and stunning external design, has been highly praised by the market and consumers, becoming a leader in luxury electric vehicles. At the 2019 World Manufacturing Convention, Chery exhibited its third-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with 30 kW fuel cells, which can be recharged with hydrogen in 3 minutes and travel over 700 kilometers.

In electrical control systems, Chery has acquired the ability to develop ECU engine control unit, HCU hybrid control unit and MCU engine control unit. In the development of core parts and components of electric vehicle power systems, Chery has deployed resources on IGBT, SiC IC, MCU, solid-state motors and batteries.