Corby Lakeside team tackles energy savings, recycling and greener alternatives to traditional medicines

Corby’s largest GP practice is set to bolster its green credentials with the introduction of a new team to introduce environmentally friendly practices.

The Lakeside Corby staff team has been trained to implement a range of initiatives aimed at helping patients while respecting the environment.

About 15 staff members joined the “eco-team” to focus on energy saving, recycling and greener alternatives to traditional medicines.

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Lakeside Corby Green Team

They will also work on a community garden that will be shared by staff, patients and residents.

Generalist partner Dr Rosaline West said: “By making changes, we can provide the same service to patients while implementing greener alternatives. For example, traditional asthma inhalers can be polluting because of the gases they contain. the same health benefits but since they don’t use gas it also improves air pollution which is also beneficial in the long run.

“We participate in specialized recycling programs for face covers, drug blister packs and plastic ballpoint pens. We also donate materials and books to the charity Intercare, which equips medical centers in Africa with essential resources.

“We will also be reviewing our energy and water use and although we already have solar panels in Cottingham Road, housekeeping habits like turning off lights and computers and reducing water use are all making a difference. difference.

“Our final project will be to develop a green mindfulness space for patients and staff or participate in a community garden project. We have lots of ideas and volunteers from all areas of our practice, that is so a really exciting start for our eco-group. “

A spokesperson for Lakeside said: “Our staff have volunteered to participate in this team outside of their working hours as a social event.

“Their membership in no way affects their ability to fulfill their primary role in providing health care.

“The green team takes neither time nor resources for the basic services provided at Lakeside Corby and the willingness of our colleagues to get involved and involved demonstrates their social responsibility and commitment to our patients.

“We are very proud of our entire Lakeside team, who work under incredibly demanding pressures, especially those who go above and beyond to make a difference for the community and the environment in every way possible.”

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