Creation of an energy advice campaign for customers

Digital marketing is generally more cost effective than traditional marketing and allows you to connect with your ideal target audience. Leveraging your online channels also allows you to increase customer engagement by segmenting your audience.

That’s not to say offline marketing doesn’t have its benefits – connecting with certain audiences, such as elderly or disabled customers, through offline methods can be an overlooked strategy. For example, flyer printing or community engagement may seem like old tactics, but they can be very effective if you’re trying to gain exposure in your area.

Good social media practice – Having targeted energy-saving quick wins scheduled for key dates in your social media calendar can be a great way to grab your customers’ attention. We offer simple advice that can easily be implemented in your customers’ daily lives, or links to more in-depth advice on your website.

You should also circle some key social media dates for sustainability this year:

  • World Recycling Day is March 18
  • Earth Day is April 22
  • Stop Food Waste Day is April 28
  • Water Saving Week runs from May 17-20
  • World Environment Day is June 5
  • Cycle to Work Day is August 5