Duke Energy Connects SC Customers to Utility Support, Gives Energy Saving Tips



GREENVILLE – With rising summer temperatures threatening to cause even more financial hardship for those struggling to pay their energy bills, Duke Energy is connecting these customers with available support and offering programs and tools to help manage utility bills, including flexible payment plans.

New and existing assistance programs are currently available, all specially designed to help those affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19 or other hardships encountered during 2020 and 2021.

Aid programs

Duke Energy contacts late customers via email and / or SMS with information about utility assistance administered by agencies in their local communities.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program / SC Stay Plus

Emergency Rental Assistance Program money is available to help eligible residential tenants pay up to 12 months of rent and overdue utility bills since March 13, 2020. Full details on the SC Stay Plus program and an online tenant application are available at schousing.com/Home/SC-Stay-Plus. Applicants can also call (800) 467-0412 to initiate the application process. The deadline to request money is September 30.

Energy assistance program for low-income households

This income-based assistance program allows those earning below certain income thresholds to qualify for federal assistance on the energy bill. The qualifying income thresholds are based on factors that include household income and the number of people living in your home. To learn how to qualify and apply for LIHEAP funds, visit oeo.sc.gov/liheap.html.

Assistance agency funds

Some clients may also qualify for assistance from various government and non-profit programs for utility bills and other household expenses. Customers can find out which agencies serve their area by calling 211 or by visiting sc211.org online. This free service connects clients to local community agencies providing help for a wide range of needs, including help with energy bills.

Other assistance in managing utility bills

Budget invoicing / Equal payment plan

Duke Energy’s budget billing option allows customers to pay a predictable amount each month to better manage their budget. Monthly budget billing amounts are based on a customer’s annual energy costs divided into 12 equal monthly payments. The amount is periodically reviewed and adjusted. Find out more: www.duke-energy.com/home/billing/budget-billing.

Choose your due date

With Pick Your Due Date, customers can choose when they want their Duke Energy bill to be due each month. The combination of selecting your due date and budget billing can give customers even more control over their energy bills. Find out more: www.duke-energy.com/home/billing/pick-your-due-date.

Installment plans

Installment plans give customers more flexibility to pay off an overdue balance over a longer period. Customers can request a few extra days or restructure the outstanding balance into a monthly payment plan. Customers should contact Duke Energy to discuss their options:

– Duke Energy Carolines, (800) 777-9898

– Duke Energy Progress, (800) 452-2777

Track and manage your energy consumption

Energy use typically increases in the summer, as air conditioning is one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. Customers can also easily track and adjust their usage when the temperatures are the highest.

– Smart meters provide customers with daily and hourly usage information to help them better understand their energy usage and take action to save energy and money.

Duke Energy customers with smart meters also receive usage alerts via email and / or SMS midway through their billing cycle, well in advance of their bill arrival, with the amount of their current usage. and a projection of what their final monthly bill might be.

– Customers can also set budget alerts, so they know when their bill reaches a specific amount of their choice, allowing them to adjust their usage and save money on their bill.

Other energy saving programs, tips and advice to help you manage higher energy bills that may result from increased energy can be found at Duke-Energy.com/Summer.


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