Efficiency Vermont offers free energy saving kits

A FREE energy-saving kit from Efficiency Vermont includes LED light bulbs, low-flow showerheads and, in honor of spring, some even include seeds to plant in your gardens.

VERMONT — Efficiency Vermont is offering free energy saving kits to eligible Vermonters to encourage them to take a few simple steps to start reducing their energy use, bills and carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says Efficiency Vermont.

The kits contain easy-to-install energy-saving measures and, for a limited time, also include American Meadows Wildflower Seed Packets for customers to support pollinator habitat around their homes.

“Climate change is a big deal and can feel overwhelming, but we can start planting the seeds of change now,” said Efficiency Vermont program director Jody Lesko. “We want to help our customers feel empowered by acting locally and taking even the smallest steps to have a positive impact; because those first small steps can lead to bigger steps down the road.

The free kits have a retail value of around $47 and when installed will generate a roughly equal amount of annual energy savings. Kits include:

  • 10 LED bulbs (40/60/75 watt equivalents)
  • 1 low flow showerhead
  • 2 faucet aerators
  • Bonus Smart Bulb and/or Wildflower Seed Packets, while supplies last.

Residents of Vermont (outside of Burlington) who have not yet received a kit can request one at efficiencyvermont.com/kits.

In addition to ordering an energy-saving kit, Vermonters can take other simple steps to improve their home’s energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions:

  • Seal air leaks around places like windows, doors, attics, basements and foundations.
  • Clean dust and dirt around your refrigerator filter and bathroom fans.
  • Unplug electronics and small appliances when not in use or purchase an advanced power strip.
  • When your appliances or electronics need replacing, buy the most energy-efficient models within your budget by looking for the Energy Star logo first.
  • Investigate larger investments now (like buying a heat pump, replacing a water heater, or weathering your home) so you’ll be prepared if your equipment fails unexpectedly or when it comes time to upgrade it.

For more ideas and tips, visit www.efficiencyvermont.com and check out the “How To” guides on the blog. Efficiency Vermont customer service experts are also available by calling 1-888-921-5990. They can answer questions, provide advice, and connect customers to incentives and other resources to help Vermonters ready to take the next step toward a low-carbon future.

As the nation’s first energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont has helped Vermont avoid more than 13 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions and received the Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program for the past six consecutive years.