Electric/Hybrid – Energy Web and Volkswagen offer a 24/7 charging solution for electric vehicles

The solution is based on a “24/7” matching algorithm that optimizes charging to maximize the use of clean, local electricity and provides users with an unprecedented level of control and granularity over EV charging.

With the solution, users can dictate the date and time of charging, the desired charge level at the end of their session, what and from which renewable energy facility the electricity is drawn from. pulled.

Several VW ID4s were successfully charged with local clean energy consumption, over a period of 3 months. A full range of charging sessions were tested, ranging from a few hours to multi-day sessions. Each time, the platform optimized the charging schedule for maximum use of clean electricity while ensuring the target state of charge at the end of each session.

The majority of the tests took place near Wolfsburg, Germany, and took advantage of the abundant clean energy from nearby wind and solar farms.

This is the first time an electric vehicle has been charged using a verified 24/7 clean energy strategy, at a time when adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating and where charging places greater demands on power grids than ever before,” said Jesse Morris, CEO of Energy Web. “The goal of this project was to show that advanced EV charging solutions can allow EV owners to set their own preferences for when and where they get their power. For example, they can choose to recharge using wind and solar resources, from energy assets within a 10 km radius, and aim for 80% recharge by 5 p.m., all from one user-friendly app, with a precise breakdown of the carbon footprint of their session. ”

Volkswagen Group Innovation is currently investigating how the solution can be developed and rolled out to production scale, to ensure that as many electric vehicle owners as possible can benefit from the Smart Charging app.

With a traceable and secure audit trail for transactions provided on the Energy Web Chain, consumers will be able to present proof of purchase of renewable energy, enabling future electric vehicle fleets to to easily track granular energy usage for carbon accounting.

The Smart Charging app was developed by integrating Energy Web’s 24/7 open-source toolkit into Elli’s green charging app, which gives users access to more than 300,000 public charging stations across Europe. Energy Web released its open source 24/7 clean energy toolkit earlier this year.