Element Critical Selects NextEra Energy Resources as Clean Energy Provider

Element Critical’s agreement with NextEra Energy Resources provides access to innovative green energy service options enabling Element Critical to drive the drive to operate a 100% carbon neutral footprint. Element Critical has entered into a power purchase agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources to supply green power from a grid connected to ERCOT, Texas-based wind energy center. A subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources will provide renewable energy capacity to meet the current and future sustainability goals of Element Critical and its customers.

Recent significant investments in data centers that Element Critical has made in Texas sparked the opportunity to work with this high quality supplier and compensate our Texas the carbon footprint at the start of the business Texas market expansion. “NextEra Energy Resources has been instrumental in advising our teams and accelerating our renewable energy initiatives,” says Ken Parent, CEO of Element Critical. “We are delighted to announce this first initiative as part of our goal to have 100% carbon offsets in place across our entire data center portfolio by 2025. Yet our corporate commitment s extends beyond PPAs, as our ultimate goal is to purchase and directly generate 100% carbon-free energy through a combination of on-site generation projects and direct utilities providing 100% green energy from ‘by 2030.”

For Element Critical, feed the Texasbased on renewable energy-powered data centers is the first of many steps to come, as our organization continues to take bold steps to address climate concerns. Our company recognizes that technology providers of all sizes must take action for a low-carbon future, seeking innovative ways to reduce emissions, target sustainability improvements and influence the production of renewable energy at all levels.

“Our corporate clients seek to improve their sustainability performance, integrating broader environmental concerns into their supplier partnerships and purchasing decisions,” shares Shane Menking, COO of Element Critical. “Element Critical is now armed with a partner who will accelerate the integration of sustainability and create social value across our operations. Resolute environmental commitments are the future of our industry, and ultimately, we are excited to be part of creating a sustainable digital transformation journey for our customers.”

For more information about Element Critical and its nationwide footprint of enterprise-class colocation data center solutions, visit www.elementcritical.com.

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