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BERLIN and ZUG, Switzerland, Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Elia Group, the Belgian and German transmission service operator (TSO), in collaboration with Energy Web, the nonprofit Building Operating Systems for energy networks, and BMW Group successfully presented a TSO-viewable electric vehicle charging session, laying the groundwork for enhanced electric vehicle charging, including renewable-only charging and changing provider prompt. During a demonstration at a LamA fast-charging public charging station in Berlin, Felix Kohlbrenner, research project manager at the BMW Group, charged a BMW electric vehicle using this new solution, where the identity digital vehicle has been securely shared with Elia. He also spoke with Elia’s Helen Burgess about the solution and what it means for the future of electric vehicle charging.

The successful demonstration builds on Elia’s ongoing work with Energy Web on the E-Mobility Dashboard, an open platform designed to simplify the identification of electric vehicles and charging stations that allows all parties to receive reliable and secure data through Energy Web’s electronic roaming hub, the Open Charging Network. This greatly simplifies the process of exchanging data between EV owners and energy sector participants, such as TSOs, energy suppliers and flexible service providers. Typically, when an electric vehicle is charged, the local network operator receives aggregate data about the charge without receiving details about the individual vehicle. The same identities can be used to facilitate seamless payments with other market players, eliminating inefficiencies and over-sharing of personal data.

Energy Web‘s operating system makes it possible to assign digital identities to electric vehicles and store them on digital vehicle wallets. This allows the vehicle to securely share its identity with the TSO without having to share the driver’s identity. The demonstration shows how more complete and secure visibility can be achieved between participants in the charging process, as increasing the visibility of the various system assets is fundamental to improving electric vehicle charging and enables future solutions, including charging using 100% renewable energy.

“By assigning digital identities to electric vehicles using Energy Web’s blockchain-based operating system, TSOs can finally gain device-level visibility they never had. before,” said Jesse Morris, CEO of Energy Web. “Users of electric vehicles also benefit – in the future, drivers will have their vehicle automatically recognized wherever they charge and which operator they charge with, and can receive the guarantee that they have recharged using energy generated exclusively from renewable sources.”

“Thank you to BMW Group for participating in this exciting demonstration, a world first for electric vehicle charging visible to the TSO,” said Kai Schmied of Elia. “We look forward to continuing our work with Energy Web on these advanced charging solutions. Today, the charging processes of electric vehicles are not captured individually, which prevents an active management of the charging processes. Only with visibility into individual recharge processes as well as secure identification of the participants involved can network operators enable flexible use cases or offer new services such as charging point.

You can watch the full demo here.

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