Enabling the adoption of electric vehicles with Agile Streets

Energy Saving Trust is part of the Agile Streets consortium alongside Samsung Research, Connected Kerb, Octopus, SMETS Design Limited and the Power Networks Distribution Center.

Our role in the project is to collect feedback from trial participants as part of the monitoring and evaluation plan, and to support the marketing and communication activity to recruit drivers into the trial. We also conducted stakeholder engagement work with electric vehicle drivers and local authorities to understand user needs, which contributed to the design of the trial.

Chris Pateman-Jones, Managing Director of Connected Kerb, said: “Easy access to affordable charging infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers to electric vehicle adoption. The number of smart energy tariffs has exploded in recent years thanks to growing demand from owners of electric vehicles, making home charging one of the most affordable ways to run a car.

“Smart charging gives electric vehicle users the choice to charge their vehicles when energy is cheapest during times of low demand, such as at night or when renewable energy sources are in surplus, that is, – say when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. By doing this, we can go some way to ensuring that access to affordable energy is equitable for all people, whether they have a driveway or not.