Energy saving – BKK Nett signs agreement for further development and testing of Kognitwin Grid

Kongsberg Digital has developed the SaaS product, Kognitwin Grid, in close collaboration with industrial and research partners, on the basis of its proprietary digital platform Kognifai. It is a digital twin of the power grid, which provides information and forecasts to identify grid bottlenecks, simulate grid scenarios and optimize grid investments. This enables operators to anticipate network infrastructure challenges, automate alerts and complex processes, ensure complete control, and pave the way for the digitized energy system of the future.

Kognitwin Grid is the direct result of the KogniGrid project, launched in 2018, in collaboration with BKK Nett, Tensio (NTE Nett), Statnett, Microsoft and SINTEF. BKK Nett has now signed a new six-month research project to further develop and test Kognitwin Grid.

“As a growing part of the world’s energy systems and transportation becomes electric, the pressure is increasing on the electricity grid infrastructure, which is not designed to handle the new complexity,” said Hege Skryseth, president of Kongsberg Digital. “One of the solutions is to continue to develop networks for maximum capacity, resulting in more expensive infrastructure and therefore more expensive electricity for consumers. Digital twins enable accurate, data-driven real-time information so operators can predict specific needs, introduce measures to balance the network and avoid outages without expanding it. Grid managers hold the key to solving the challenges of the electricity grid and thus contribute to going green. We are delighted that BKK Nett is continuing its close collaboration with us via Kognitwin Grid so that together we can find solutions for increased electrification of society ”.

The R&D project manager at BKK Nett, Eivind Flatlandsmo, added that BKK Nett has learned a lot during the 3.5 years of operation of the project and therefore looks forward to the continued collaboration with Kongsberg Digital.

“One of our strategic goals is to become more data-driven in decision-making processes for the development, management and operation of the power grid,” said Mr. Flatlandsmo. “It requires large amounts of data and information from a variety of sources, which in turn requires new tools and methods to generate the information we need. Data quality and information security are fundamental to everything, without it we cannot trust the results produced or the software itself. We have gained valuable knowledge and experience through close cooperation with the KogniGrid project partners over a period of 3.5 years. We now know more about what a digital twin is, the work required to create a valuable twin, and the potential it offers. The project also gave us a picture of our level of digital maturity, the capacity to develop and implement new solutions. It takes the two most important resources we have and always want more of: people and time. We are proud to continue our collaboration with Kongsberg Digital. We want to contribute to the green shift that challenges today’s electricity grid. To solve this problem, we need help. We cannot solve all of our challenges alone ”.

Last week Kongsberg Digital struck a similar deal with Tensio, also involved in the KogniGrid project. The agreement with Tensio includes a six-month trial of Kognitwin Grid.

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