Energy Saving – EfficiencyOne Streamlines Customer Service Programs to Expand Energy Conservation

EfficiencyOne is known for providing cost effective energy saving and low carbon services to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, municipalities and large industrial customers. Over the past 10 years, EfficiencyOne has contributed over 25% of from Nova Scotia overall emission reductions and generated more than $1.4 billion in energy savings. The organization is recognized as a leader in Canada for its high energy savings and inclusive programs for low-income homeowners, renters and Indigenous communities.

“As a rapidly growing organization, we found that existing tools and systems did not reflect the complexity and maturity of our operations,” said David Thompson, Director of Human Resources and Infrastructure, EfficiencyOne. “We needed to ensure that our infrastructure matched the rapidly growing needs of our business in order to deliver services more efficiently and quickly.”

The organization needed a program administration and reporting system that could keep pace with its growing portfolio of services, while allowing EfficiencyOne to standardize and streamline applications and project tracking, and improve its processes. of customer service.

To address its business challenges, EfficiencyOne partnered with energyOrbit to design and implement its customer information system (CIS) for program administration and customer relationship management (CRM). Programs and customer interactions are housed in a single solution to minimize manual elements, while integrating EfficiencyOne’s programs from rebate submissions and execution to tracking progress. The resulting reports have helped improve current programs and inform new program opportunities.

We understood EfficiencyOne’s unique needs and experience in administering the energy savings program,” said Karen Heater, Sales Manager, energyOrbit. “Their customer information system has allowed the organization to standardize and streamline program administration activities and improve customer service processes. Including all elements in a single solution has allowed EfficiencyOne to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency for the benefit of customers.”

Customers can now submit rebate requests faster and easier and benefit from fast processing of submissions. EfficiencyOne can better track and view reports of its programs. Less time spent on manual implementation means more time spent improving customer services and offering new services to meet their growing needs.

Improved operational efficiency has helped EfficiencyOne meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Most importantly, improved customer response times and more efficient, fewer touchpoints to access information and status updates have resulted in positive customer feedback and engagement.