Energy saving – Lumin and Leap to help homeowners get paid to reduce their energy consumption

Launched for select customers in California in July, Lumin Response is the integration of Lumin’s home energy management platform and smart circuit control technology with the Distributed Energy Resource Aggregation Platform from Leap, reducing a home’s energy consumption by automatically turning off appliances when electricity prices are highest. Participants will then contribute to balancing the electricity grid and will receive compensation for their energy reduction.

“Smart energy devices can make an important contribution to grid stability during peak demand periods,” said Jason Michaels, chief commercial officer at Leap. “Together, Leap and Lumin enable homeowners to extract more value from their energy assets and actively participate in creating a more resilient and sustainable energy system.”

Lumin Response users will receive an in-app message or email notifying them that they are eligible for financial incentives. Once they provide a simple set of preferences for when and how long their devices can be turned off, participation is seamless and Lumin automates the whole process.

Lumin’s technology connects the most power-hungry circuits and various smart devices, including smart thermostats, connected appliances such as refrigerators, smart controllable outlets and electric vehicle chargers. By interconnecting these devices on its platform, Lumin creates an ecosystem where energy consumption is synchronized and remotely accessible, and controllable, with the energy supply available to a household.

“This partnership presents the first true example of automated value stacking for single-family homes in the demand response space beyond battery participation in virtual power plants,” added Alex Bazhinov, Founder and CEO of Lumin. “Designed to work well for people who may or may not have an energy storage system in place.”

Demand response (DR) is a voluntary, short-term decrease in electricity consumption that is typically triggered by compromised grid reliability or high prices in the wholesale market. While many US utilities offer their customers DR options, the Lumin-Leap partnership provides a single, automated DR solution for any device connected to a Lumin energy platform. Additionally, participants may receive direct performance-based payments for their participation in the DR rather than an annual credit through their utility or a points system.

Leap’s software platform makes it easy for smart energy technologies to generate revenue by providing flexibility and grid support. The company sent more than 10,000 MWh of clean energy to power grids, reducing more than 1,000 metric tons of CO2 and offsetting the equivalent of 3,500 hours of gas-fired peaking plants. Combined with the UL-certified Lumin energy management platform, users can maximize their energy and ROI from their residential solar systems.

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