Energy Saving Trust’s free tools to decarbonize your building stock

Last winter, the Scottish Government published its Heat in Buildings: Achieving Net Zero Emissions in Scotland’s Buildings strategy, which details our country’s plan to net zero emissions from buildings by the legally binding deadline of 2045.

Our suite of free toolsfunded by the Scottish Government and available to all housing associations in Scotland, contains a range of features to make it easier to determine where to start and the best renovation options for your trip.

Home Analytics – basing your portfolio’s carbon emissions

Home Analytics is developed with the Scottish Government and uses a variety of reliable data sources and statistical models to help you compare the characteristics of your housing stock. We can use this to visualize the starting point of our push towards zero carbon:

Energy Saving Trust's free tools to decarbonize your building stock

Portfolio energy analysis tool – construction of cost-benefit retrofit scenarios

The Portfolio Energy Analysis Tool (PEAT) allows you to perform several what-if scenarios that help you determine potential ways to reduce a property’s carbon emissions and make a home EESSH2 compliant. For example, for a house modeled in the North East, an investment of £7,150 would raise the SAP score to 81 (nearly reaching an EESSH2 compliant EPC B!) and save £120 on the fuel bill and 1.40 tonnes of CO2/year. The further stretch to achieve the lowest possible emissions (0.03t CO2/yr; and reduce the filling bill to next to nothing) we would need to install all possible measures at a cost of around > £20,000.

PEAT offers a huge range of customization options, giving you the flexibility to explore which combination offers the most cost-effective solution for fuel bill and carbon savings while meeting EESSH2 compliance.

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