Fall protection equipment for the energy, electrical and utility industries

Information from GlobalData indicates that renewables held a 19% share of total US electric capacity in 2020, and this is expected to increase to 48.4% by 2030. This means that over of the next decade, more money should be invested in building and maintaining these energy, electricity and utility industries, including wind and solar farms.

Workers in these industries will face many of the same safety risks as other industrial sectors, including the risk of falls and slips. For Carroll Technologies, providing workers with the best fall protection equipment is a key priority.

Wind Turbine Fall Protection

OSHA fall protection standards require that any personnel working on a surface over 6 feet high with an unprotected edge must have fall protection equipment.

For offshore wind farms, good practice guidelines from the G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organization state that sites should have collective protection (such as fixed guardrails) and individual protection (such as fall prevention or restraint systems).

Onshore and offshore wind farms will require guardrails, safety nets and personal fall protection equipment (such as lanyards and harnesses) to keep workers safe when climbing turbines.

Fall protection for solar installers

Solar installation and maintenance of solar panels will usually take place on rooftops, so it is essential that workers are safe. Workers installing solar panels above a height of 6 feet will need fall protection equipment such as lanyards and harnesses, as well as adequate safety anchors.

Alternative energy companies and fall protection

Carroll Technologies has researched and tested the market to find the best fall protection equipment for the energy, electrical and utility industries.

Carroll provides heavy duty energy absorbing lanyards that keep fall arrest forces below 6 kN. MSA’s restraint lanyards are designed to be placed between the anchor point and the harness, preventing workers from falling into the fall zone.

Honeywell’s Miller brand offers a range of high quality complete protection solutions, including its harness and fall limiters. Miller AirCore harnesses are lightweight and made from corrosion resistant aluminum and breathable open core padding to allow for optimal airflow, as well as heat and moisture reduction.

Fall protection equipment available through Carroll Technologies includes:

  • MSA Retractable Lanyards
  • MSA Vest Style Harness
  • MSA Full Body Harnesses
  • MSA Restraint Lanyards
  • MSA Trauma Prevention
  • MSA lanyards with hooks
  • Honeywell Miller AirCore Harness
  • Honeywell Personal Fall Limiter

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