Forecourts invest nearly twice as much as convenience stores in energy-saving technologies

forecourt have increased their investments in more energy-efficient equipment in order to combat rising energy costs, the 2022 ACS Forecourt Report revealed.

According to the report, petrol station retailers have invested around £18,000 in their stores over the past year, compared to £10,000 spent by non-petroleum retailers. The money was invested in refrigeration to help improve energy efficiency or to accommodate an expanding range of chilled and chilled products.

More than half of retailers installed doors on their coolers, a third LED lighting, while 8% used solar panels to reduce energy costs.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “It is essential that the government recognizes the crucial role forecourts play in their communities.

“These companies are community centers in their own right, providing essential services and an ever-growing range of products for customers, as well as fuel and alternative energy solutions.

“The energy support package that has been provided to the Parvises has been a lifesaver for many, and we encourage the government to include the Parvises in the list of vulnerable sectors in need of longer-term support.”

Meanwhile, the Forecourt report also showed that 69% of Forecourt retailers were active in local charities or projects for their communities.

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