Free trees offered thanks to the energy saving program

In a program that began Monday, October 24, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is providing 1,500 free trees to customers at select locations in its service territory under the Energy-Saving Trees program. The trees will be delivered directly to the customer’s address.

The Arbor Day Foundation and PG&E partner to locate and provide available native California trees and distribute them, as well as offering knowledge about the best place to plant them. Eligible customers can register and reserve a tree at There, you can insert your address to know the most advantageous place to plant the tree. PG&E’s “Right Tree, Right Place” resources provide guidelines for anyone planting a tree to ensure it does not interfere with overhead or underground electrical or gas lines.

“There are many long-term benefits to planting trees in our communities, where we all live and work; including lowering your electricity bill, supporting our planet by providing cleaner air, reducing carbon emissions and improving mental health,” said Michael Seitz, vice president of PG&E Vegetation Management. “An online mapping tool calculates and shares the tree’s contributions to these annual energy savings, lower carbon emissions and cleaner air, based on the most strategic location.”

Each household can reserve up to one tree through the website until all 1500 trees are reserved. Customers can select a type of tree from the choices given, and it will be delivered directly to the customer’s address by courier at the perfect time for planting. Trees available are: Japanese Lilac, Kousa Dogwood, Small-leaved Linden, and Serviceberry.

“This program allows utility providers, like PG&E, to get directly involved in their communities,” said Kristen Bousquet, program manager at the Arbor Day Foundation. “This unique program benefits utility providers, their customers and the communities they serve by finding natural ways to save energy. The right trees in the right place provide shade to communities, reducing the urban heat island effect that could reduce a household’s energy consumption by up to 30%.

For more information on the online mapping tool’s environmental calculations, visit

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