How to Get More Energy (Power Core Upgrade)

To get more Energy in Slime Rancher 2, players need to unlock an upgrade for their Power Core by collecting specific resources for the Fabricator.

Energy serves as Beatrix’s stamina in the indie adventure sim slime farmer 2, allowing him to sprint across the field and temporarily fly with the Jetpack once unlocked. The amount of power players can consume is determined by Beatrix’s Power Core, a piece of gear that can be enhanced through upgrades at the manufacturer. While newcomers might think it’s simpler to have extra energy, top breeding veterans know that’s not the case.


In the prequel to slime farmer 2, the energy expenditure mechanism for running and flying was the same. The main benefit of having an upgraded Power Core is not being able to sprint longer distances. Instead, it’s the Jetpack’s ability that is vastly improved. Having more fuel to fly improves the player protagonist’s ability to traverse the verticality of the world’s terrain. Areas that were once too high can now be reached and places with long gaps can be traversed. Such an exploratory advantage is key to uncovering all the secrets Rainbow Island has to offer in slime farmer 2. Additionally, those who enjoy finding progression or speedrun feats will no doubt see the extra Energy as a must.

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To get started, head to the Fabricator located in the underground lab under the Conservatory. The entrance is directly behind Beatrix’s house. The crafter will present players with the resource cost of crafting the power core upgrade in slime farmer 2: 450 Newbucks and 10 Cotton Plorts.

Power Core Upgrade in Slime Rancher 2

Newbucks, the main currency of slime farmer 2, can be earned by casting Plorts in the Conservatory’s Plort Marketplace repository. While 450 Newbucks will seem like a hefty investment for newcomers, this amount can be made in minutes by visiting the nearby Rainbow Fields for some Cotton Slimes. These Slimes are recognizable by their bunny-like features and cream-colored bodies. To acquire their Plorts, players must feed these Vegetable Slimes, such as Carrots or Water Lettuce. For Plort’s bonus production, fans are encouraged to feed Cotton Slimes water lettuce, as it’s their favorite food.

After collecting around 30-40 Cotton Plorts, return to the Plort Marketplace to collect 450 Newbucks. Bring the remaining Plorts to the Refinery to craft the Power Core Energy Upgrade in slime farmer 2. Additionally, fans may notice that the Power Core contains four possible upgrades. To continue increasing Beatrix’s energy, players will need to collect rarer resources, including unique items known as Power Chips. These collectibles are hard to acquire and can be found in treasure pods or other secret areas that may be released in future updates.

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    Beatrix LeBeau returns in Slime Rancher 2 as she crosses the Sea of ​​Slime to explore the mysterious Rainbow Island full of things to discover and Slimes to catch. Following the successful sequel, Slime Rancher 2 once again places players on a mysterious new island where they will gather new slimes and build their new ranch inside a glass veranda found on Rainbow Island. However, Beatrix will discover the island’s secrets and the island’s technology may not be as well-intentioned as she would have hoped. Slime Rancher 2, while in Early Access, expects to have consistent updates all of which will be free for the team’s development cycle. Slime Rancher 2 was released for Xbox and PC consoles on September 22, 2022.