Huawei Smart IDC Energy Saving Catalyst Project Wins 2021 TM Forum Sustainability Impact Award

[London, England, October 22, 2021] Recently, the “Smart IDC – Smart Energy Saving for Data Centers” project co-incubated by Huawei, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile won the ForumTM Catalyst Team Award for Impact on Sustainability . The TM Forum’s Catalyst Awards celebrate the most groundbreaking successes in advancing the telecommunications industry, proof of concept for industry standards, impact on the Global Sustainable Development Goals, and notable contributions to accelerating digital transformation across the industry.

Smart IDC Energy Saving Catalyst Project Wins 2021 TM Forum Sustainability Impact Award

“Congratulations on the achievements of the Smart IDC project.” Adriano Poloni, Managing Director of the TM Forum Review Team, said: “The Smart IDC project makes effective use of technologies such as AI, big data and the digital twin. The project offers an efficient but achievable solution for energy savings, reduction of carbon emissions and efficient use of water resources. This solution was tested on several media and the data provided confirmed the good results. A comparison of the effects of different stakeholders shows that the project meets expectations.

Huawei BestDC @ NAIE

Huawei BestDC @ NAIE as a digital service platform of the Smart IDC Energy Saving Catalyst project

The impact of global carbon neutrality is driving the development of new “green” considerations in the process of building data centers. In this project, the global technical service department and general development department of Huawei, together with the AI ​​R&D center of China Telecom Research Institute and the AI ​​expert team of the innovation center network of China Unicom smart grids, have completed Smart IDC energy at the forefront of the cloud. cost-saving solution by combining simulation, AI, big data and the experience of many experts in the field of Huawei data center integration services. AI’s power saving solution is applicable to large scale data centers, such as IDCs of different cooling systems (air-cooled system, water-cooled system, and indirect evaporative cooling system). Smart IDC project’s BestDC @ NAIE digital service platform has been deployed and verified in data center energy saving projects at China Telecom Guangxi and China Unicom Shanghai.

“I am delighted that we won the 2021 Sustainability Impact Award with Huawei, an important partner of China Telecom. “With the rapid development of the digital economy, China Telecom is constantly improving energy efficiency. It is very important to actively use AI, big data and simulation capabilities to improve the operating efficiency of traditional equipment rooms and achieve green and sustainable development of data centers. We thank TM Forum for choosing us as the recipient of this important award.

Gao Jingting, senior product manager of the Network AI Center of China Unicom Intelligent Network Innovation Center, stressed, “It is very important to work with Huawei to explore data center power saving solutions in the context of the carbon neutrality. The Network AI Center has been dedicated to creating a one-stop-shop AI platform to enable our market department and network department to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs of operation. Energy saving in data centers is the successful application of AI in specific scenarios. We are very grateful to TM Forum for its recognition to us. It also strengthens our resolve to increase investments in AI and energy savings.

“China Mobile has deployed energy saving and emission reduction as a strategic task,” said Guo Zhibin, project manager of China Mobile Information Technology Center. “As a department for building and maintaining IT infrastructure, the Information Technology Center is dedicated to promoting research into energy saving infrastructure. The Smart IDC Catalyst project has shown us the achievements of industry research in this regard. The experience of working with the project The team is very helpful to us as we continue our research into energy saving in data centers. “

Results from energy saving pilot programs show that energy saving solutions based on simulation, AI and expert experience can help medium and large IDCs save energy. energy from 10 to 15%. The development and economic benefits of this solution are powerful, especially when implemented on a large scale. Take the example of a data center with 1000 cabinets of 5 kW / rack. Suppose the actual operating load rate is 40%, the operating PUE is 1.57, and the price of electricity is $ 0.093 / kWh. If the charge rate remains unchanged, the Smart IDC energy saving solution is expected to save 2.8 million kWh of electricity each year and the cost of electricity is approximately $ 270,000, thus reducing 2,600 tonnes of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to planting 110,000 trees.

Over the years, the Catalyst Team Award has been revolutionary in advancing the telecommunications industry, proving concept for industry standards, impacting global sustainability goals and accelerating the digital transformation in industry. Based on the concept of improving the digitization of global data centers, Huawei offers practical technical paths based on carrier grade services, integration and operation capabilities. Huawei is dedicated to accelerating the green and energy-efficient transformation of data centers, promoting the sustainable development of society and benefiting the public.

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