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Singapore, March 21, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Back by popular demand, Infocus International Group has announced the new dates for the Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (RE PPA) Online Workshop starting on the 7 June 2022.

Unlike older fossil fuel-based Independent Power Project (IPP) models that featured standardized purchase agreements – today’s renewable energy markets require more innovative incentives to attract RE supply, comply with the availability of RE production, ensuring electrical system reliability, as well as more attractive and sustainable blends of fuel sources. This interactive 5-session workshop will provide clear explanations on the new risk allocation models of RE PPAs, ensuring project bankability, enabling RE generators to be competitive in energy markets. energy and power pools.

Practical models for improving renewable energy investment credit will be demonstrated through a series of real-life case examples of RE PPA contracts, renewable energy project finance transactions and competitive energy markets. . Case studies will include real examples from Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Additionally, this online workshop offers a dynamic combination of experiential exercises and practical case studies to build participants’ ability to actually apply RE PPA analysis, structuring and negotiation techniques to real-world transactions.

Experiential exercises will place participants in the practical roles of key management decision-makers who must not only analyze and understand RE PPA investment proposals, but who must negotiate the practical terms and clauses of RE PPAs and make concrete decisions on the transactions. By actively engaging in the interactive methodology of this workshop, participants will be able to make practical decisions about renewable energy transactions for the participant’s organization after the workshop ends.

A former participant from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development shared, “A well delivered course and a trainer with extensive experience. Particularly valuable sessions included group work on negotiating a PPA.”

“The course was very detailed and the presenter has a wealth of experience to give us very relevant examples and case studies,” said a former participant from ZESA Holdings.

Join us now and learn the practical models and techniques for analyzing and structuring, drafting and negotiating renewable energy PPAs for bankable green investments in today’s competitive energy markets.

Why participate

– Best practices from international case studies of successful RE PPAs to avoid common pitfalls
– Lead the legal design of RE PPAs based on your own business risk profile and objectives
– Lead strategies for the design and regulation of new competitive electricity markets to attract private investment in renewable energy
– Develop clear incentives for bankable private investments in renewable energy generation
– Techniques for mitigating environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts to ensure sustainability
– Manage successful renewable energy project financing transactions

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