JR Gilbert Energy – Energy Technology

JR Gilbert Energy provides consulting services to help energy businesses, including the electricity industry, solve problems and challenges by leveraging innovative technologies. We provide practical solutions to companies that improve their performance, as well as the achievement of environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures.

Energy advisory services for the future of the electrical industry

JR Gilbert Energy supports companies looking for innovative energy solutions, often offering a unique solution or approach. We often recommend strategic partners that companies might consider to improve their chances of success and their ability to compete in the energy industry.

With extensive experience in the energy industry, JR Gilbert Energy can focus on introducing and deploying innovative technologies from start-ups and small businesses to improve business value.

Oil and gas are an important base for processing. Credit: Image licensed from JR Gilbert Energy of Dreamworks.

Fracking operations are another source of energy.

Wind and solar are becoming increasingly important and reliable energy sources. Credit: Image licensed from JR Gilbert Energy of Dreamworks.

Carbonate core with secondary porosity.

Renewable and low-carbon energy sources, battery storage, unconventional resources and emissions reduction are all part of our scope, along with traditional oil and natural gas. We are also able to evaluate and support innovative solutions.

Innovative technology for the energy industry

We are at a critical crossroads in the development of conventional and unconventional energy resources as well as the better management of more traditional energy sources.

Significant improvements are being made in hydrocarbon recovery that will benefit the electricity industry through the application of new technologies, while advances in the renewable energy and energy storage sectors can reduce emissions . Improvements should be tested and implemented to ensure continuous progress. The timely application of innovative technologies to all energy sources is essential to support transportation, manufacturing, and national power grids.

Going forward, we expect energy solutions to include a combination of oil and natural gas, renewable and low-carbon energy sources, and battery storage, all helping to reduce carbon emissions. carbon for future generations.

Innovation in ESG metrics

The right solution at the right time is priceless. We measure the success of our consulting services and innovative technology implementations by the value we create. We look at positive changes in performance and recovery, improvements in security, cost reductions, and a company’s carbon footprint.

ESG measures include environmental protection and sustainability, social protection of human and animal rights with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and governance that ensures that the importance of these goals is recognized and supported.

Partnerships for green energy solutions

Some of the projects JR Gilbert Energy has been involved in include developing unconventional resource plays, easy-to-apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to make better business decisions, and cost-effective multilateral well solutions for oil and gas. gas, geothermal and CO₂ sequestration operations. For example, improving the design of junctions used in multilateral wells significantly reduces capital expenditures, surface footprints, and Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.

We have also been involved in scalable green technologies for wastewater treatment that can be powered by solar energy and combined with the extraction of lithium and valuable minerals. Another start-up has a more efficient and user-friendly way to produce biodiesel with reduced Opex. We are also in the early planning stages of creating a prototype for a simple new design of wave energy to electricity converter, which would have the potential to compete favorably with solar and wind power.

About JR Gilbert Energy

Rusty Gilbert founded JR Gilbert Energy after 40 years at Chevron and Chevron Technology Ventures, during which time he successfully led the implementation and use of new, externally developed technologies in their upstream, midstream and downstream, including energy. JR Gilbert Energy’s goal is to achieve energy success in the United States and around the world, through the successful implementation of innovative technologies for the energy sector.