LANXESS offers a new natural preservative for energy-saving cold filling

At the international Drinktec trade fair in Munich from September 12 to 16, 2022, LANXESS will unveil its expanded portfolio for the microbiological protection of beverages. In addition to proven Velcorin technology, the all-natural preservative Nagardo was approved in July 2022 for EU-wide use in soft drinks.

Innovations for existing Velcorin technology will also be showcased, with the new generation of Velcorin DT Motion dosing units ensuring reliable, high-precision addition of cold sterilant to beverage. Also celebrated for the first time will be the new internally lined aluminum bottles, which have been specially developed for the storage and transport of Velcorin and which will be used worldwide as unbreakable and easily recyclable packaging in the future. Thanks to the combination of this new packaging and continuous developments in the production and quality process, the shelf life of the product has been increased by 50% to 18 months.

LANXESS offers the most effective natural preservative currently available on the market for soft drinks

“Registration in the EU allows us to continue to expand Nagardo’s global footprint. Along with natural alternatives to artificial sweeteners and colors, natural preservation is the missing piece of the beverage industry’s puzzle,” says Monika Ebener, Global Marketing Manager for Natural Antimicrobials at LANXESS Nagardo (the product name is derived from the words “natural guardian”) provides reliable and highly effective preservation of beverage quality Glycolipids, which are obtained from edible mushrooms native to the tropical rainforests of French Guiana, were discovered through a comprehensive screening process encompassing over 100,000 natural substances.A dose up to 50 times lower than commonly used synthetic preservatives is all that is It is the most effective natural preservative currently available on the soft drink market.

“Even the design of our exhibition stand in Munich clearly shows that we have something really special to offer this year,” promises Janmarc Heitmann, who heads the Beverage Technology business line in LANXESS’ Material Protection Products business unit. “We look forward to welcoming our visitors to the ‘jungle’ where the fungus from which our natural preservative Nagardo is obtained actually grows.”

This “natural gatekeeper” allows manufacturers to reshape their portfolio based on changing consumer consciousness and demand for natural ingredients. A combination of Velcorin and Nagardo provides optimal protection for particularly sensitive beverages. “With our attractive portfolio, we want to participate even more in the global growth of the beverage market in the future. Our two great brands Velcorin and Nagardo ensure that we are very well positioned to do this as we can cover virtually all beverage categories and trends,” says Heitmann.

Using Nagardo and Velcorin can also help companies achieve their sustainability goals, primarily by reducing energy consumption when switching from hot filling or tunnel pasteurization to cold filling using one or the combination of the two products. Therefore, PET bottles with lower wall thicknesses can be used compared to hot fill, which reduces the use of PET.

“We not only offer a highly efficient solution for energy-efficient cold sterilization of beverages, but we also have the expertise to analyze plants and production processes at the microbial level and highlight any optimization potential” , emphasizes Heitmann. In this context, the company operates two laboratories specialized in application technology and equipped with state-of-the-art chemical and microbiological analysis equipment. Support for small and large scale filling trials and regulatory assistance round out the portfolio.

Ready for Industry 4.0

The new generation of dosing units are based on the proven mechanical design of the Velcorin DT Touch series, although improved and refined to accommodate more sophisticated user requirements. Velcorin DT Motion, for example, offers a higher degree of automation and digitization than its predecessor, but without any compromise in terms of security and reliability. In addition to improved software and a more intuitive user interface, various interfaces enable the transfer of data and displays, ensuring that the new generation meets the ever-tightening requirements of Industry 4.0. The equipment has an IoT gateway for data backup, software updates and better maintenance management – even by remote control.

Its new time-saving features include automated preparation for production and constant monitoring and adjustment of the specified dosing rate during the filling process itself. Velcorin DT Motion’s plug-and-play design means it can be easily integrated into new and existing installations.

Velcorin is used worldwide as a stabilizer in many beverage categories – from soft drinks, iced tea, fruit juices as well as sports and energy drinks to beer, cider and wine based beverages.

New packaging replaces glass bottles

LANXESS will also unveil its latest packaging for Velcorin at Drinktec. Internally coated aluminum bottles specially developed for the storage and transport of Velcorin will replace the glass bottles used so far. The new aluminum bottles not only increase the shelf life of Velcorin from 12 to 18 months, but are also approved for air transport – two key advantages in this era of global logistics bottlenecks.

This new packaging, however, was developed primarily in response to increasingly widespread glass-free policies imposed by customers in their production areas. Plus, customers can reintroduce these lightweight, unbreakable containers back into material cycles, eliminating the need to collect and return them.

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