Latvian Department of Home Affairs to save energy resources at the expense of worker comfort – Baltic News Network

Energy resources of the Latvian Department of Internal Affairs will be saved by reducing the intensity of lighting. There are also plans to shut off the hot water supply.

The press spokesman of the State Provision Agency (NVA), Vendija Pikše-Kučma, said that due to the prospects for the expected spike in energy prices this winter, the NVA has started preparations to reduce the consumption of energy resources and to promote austerity within the institution and the home affairs sector in general.

Informative guidelines have been prepared. Reminders for workers and visitors are also prepared. These include the requirement to turn off lights after leaving and to disconnect appliances not in use.

Already, workers and visitors are encouraged to use the stairs. Elevators are allowed to transport disabled people or heavy objects.

The intensity of the lighting will be reduced in the common rooms and the lighting of the buildings will be switched off at night.

Where possible, the hot water supply will be turned off. Employees will be asked to be more frugal when it comes to the use of additional appliances, such as electric kettles, microwave ovens and refrigerators, and to use them only when necessary.

NVA and all the workers in the internal affairs department estimate that it will be possible to save up to 10% of the energy resources consumed.