Liberia: LERC issues 5-year distribution license to Jungle Energy Power

In accordance with the Electricity Act of Liberia (ELL) of 2015, the Electricity Regulatory Commission of Liberia (LERC) on August 13 issued a large micro-enterprise distribution license to Jungle Energy Power (JEP) in Nimba County.

The Large Micro-Enterprise Distribution License now allows JEP to distribute electricity indiscriminately to customers and residents of the Nimba distribution area and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license.

LERC President Dr Lawrence D. Sekajipo, speaking at the licensing ceremony, said Liberians’ expectations for access to reliable and affordable electricity are high and the Commission wants to send a clear and distinct message that Liberia is open to the critical investment required to cover the infrastructure gap in the electricity sector.

“The Commission has developed the tariff regulations and technical codes that will further define the rules to ensure the smooth functioning and sustainability of the electricity sector,” Dr Sekajipo told the audience at the licensing ceremony. .

“What the Commission and consumers demand from JEP is – reliability of distribution equipment which will improve customer service and confidence in the electricity supply industry,” he said.

LERC President Dr Sekajipo said the Commission expects JEP to commit to achieving these goals within established targets and benchmarks, as set out in the terms and conditions of the license.

In response, JEP CEO Floyd Tomah challenged the Commission to remain steadfast and diligent in issuing licenses, as has been the case during the JEP process. “We hope that the Commission will not end up being another Liberian institution to host other institutions,” he said.

The Liberian businessman explained that JEP’s engagement in the electricity sector was a pilot project on how a private entity can operate a public entity and described it as successful and fired several lessons over the years.

Mr Tomah said JEP inherited the distribution system from the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) with 700 postpaid customers and 29 transformers, but now has more than 7,000 customers with smart meters and has now installed 44 new transformers in its operational areas.

Currently, JEP is expanding to other major towns and villages in Nimba County, the CEO of JEP revealed to LERC and guests at the licensing ceremony.

He said JEP provides services to almost all public and private institutions operating in the county, including major concessions.

“JEP is ready and willing to work with the donor community to provide affordable electricity to disadvantaged communities, towns and villages in Nimba County, as is done in other parts of the country,” Tomah said. .

Mr Tomah assured the Commission that JEP will follow the terms and conditions of the license and is even ready to go beyond what is necessary to ensure that affordable electricity is provided to residents of Nimba County.

The ceremony was graced by LERC commissioners, Nimba County officials, stakeholders, representatives of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and others. The Electricity Regulatory Commission of Liberia is an independent, self-governing body established by Chapter 13 of the 2015 ELL for the establishment of a national regulator.

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