Malaga shops reject government energy-saving automatic doors costing €10,000

The stores in Malaga still have not installed automatic doors in their buildings. It is one of the mandatory measures included in the central government decree, implemented in August, to save energy.

One of the reasons why small businesses have not installed these doors is the cost which, according to Malaga Comercia, the price fluctuates between 3,000 and 8,000 euros, and sometimes up to 10,000, depending on the work required.

The government has given all stores in Malaga a deadline to install automatic doors until September 30. Currently in Malaga, the percentage of establishments in the province that have installed these automatic doors has not exceeded 10%.

For Salvador Perez, president of trade in Malaga, when installing these doors, the stores come up against two main obstacles. On the one hand, the manufacturer who installs the doors “does not have the capacity to put automatic doors in all the businesses within the deadlines announced by the government” and even less in the middle of the summer. On the other hand, “in the majority of negotiations, there must be renovations to install the doors.”

This last disadvantage increases the cost of installation in such a way that companies cannot afford it. Perez asked if “we’ve already forgotten what happened two years ago during the pandemic when we were trapped.” He also added that currently “we are so at the end of our tether that we cannot even collect our salaries and we have no more resources to continue spending” like this.

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