More Energy Saving Tips For Getting Home With Government Funding

Fifteen community projects offering invaluable tips, tricks and resources to reduce energy use and utility bills have received funding under the second round of the government’s SEEC program, the Minister of Energy and of Resources, Megan Woods.

“The Community Energy Education Support Program is already making a difference for households struggling to afford their electricity by funding local counseling services to teach people how to heat their homes efficiently and reduce their energy bills. ‘electricity. It’s amazing how small changes in appearance can lead to significant savings and healthier homes.

“This is one of the many actions that flow from the review of electricity prices. He suggested that we create a fund to help households in energy difficulty make their homes warmer, drier and healthier. This second round of SEEC will reach even more people in need.

“A project in King’s Country from the previous SEEC funding cycle is expected to save each of the 1,522 participating households an average of $ 552 on their annual electricity bill. This project has now received funding in this second round to expand the program to 1,800 other households.

“Many of the projects we fund focus on training staff to deliver personalized energy assessments to households in need. These assessments, performed during home visits, online or at community events, provide practical advice on what can be done to improve energy efficiency in the home. Many also provide free energy saving LED bulbs.

“The projects selected in the last SEEC funding round showcase a variety of initiatives and will reach a wide range of people – including the elderly,
Maori, Pasifika, tenants and low income people. Many projects are also partnering with other organizations to help connect with hard-to-reach households or to offer an even wider range of support, such as referral to curtain banks.

“I can’t wait to see these 15 projects in action. There is fantastic work going on in our communities, and the government’s SEEC program is helping to build that support network for the households that need it most, ”said Megan Woods.

A total of $ 1.65 million has been committed for the 15 projects of the second round.

Of the nine projects in the first round, which received approximately $ 1.26 million in government funding, more than 1,500 energy assessments and 37 community events took place, with more than 34,000 energy-efficient items distributed. Over 2,000 homes have been visited to date, with more to come as the first round initiatives continue to be implemented.

Additional funding of $ 5 million through the SEEC program is available over the next two years, through June 30, 2024, with the third round of funding slated for mid-2022.

The SEEC program was created following a recommendation from the 2019 Electricity Price Review. It is one of the ongoing government initiatives aimed at reducing energy challenges in our communities.

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