New recycled plastic products for environmental protection and energy saving

Summary of the press release:

  • Various recycled plastics include polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, HIPS
  • Low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and can resist acid and alkali erosion
  • Applications include machinery, automotive, electronics, instrumentation and textiles

Original press release:

Alfa Chemistry begins to offer products made from recycled plastic

The last decade has seen the advent of a new revolution in recycled plastics. As a supplier of functional polymers, Alfa Chemistry recently announced that it is starting to offer recycled plastic products for customers who care about saving resources and protecting the environment.

By using recycled plastic as raw material and with physical or chemical methods such as pre-treatment, melt granulation and modification, plastic products can be replicated for use in manufacturing or research.

“Overall, the prospects for recycled plastic are vast. It is not just about turning waste into treasure, but rather about truly achieving environmental protection and energy saving,” says Alfa Chemistry’s Marketing Director. “Another obvious advantage of recycled plastic is its cheaper price, which increases its popularity with manufacturers and consumers. We can provide professional product customization services according to different customer requirements. Custom recycled plastic products can be used for construction industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, etc.

Varieties of recycled plastics at Alfa Chemistry:

Recycled polypropylenea semi-crystalline thermoplastic widely used in the production of electrical appliances, television parts and other flame retardants.

Recycled polyethylenea thermoplastic resin that exhibits excellent low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and can resist erosion from most acids and alkalis.

Recycled Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)which can be widely used in machinery, automobile, electronics, instrumentation, textile and other industrial fields.

Recycled High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)a shock resistant product which has economic advantages and high cost performance.

Currently, Alfa Chemistry offers the following recycled plastics:

ABS QY-5001

ABS QY-5005

ABS QY-6001

HIPS QY-1605

HIPS QY-1609

HIPS QY-2601

PP QY-8001

PP QY-8002

As a supplier of a wide range of functional polymers such as adsorbent polymers, biomedical polymers, electrofunctional polymers, functional PEGs, photoactive polymers and silicone polymers, Alfa Chemistry considers itself to be truly one great responsibility to reduce waste on Earth and therefore wishes to contribute to environmental protection. More information about its recycled plastics offering can be found here:

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