Nigeria: Representatives want government to phase out non-energy efficient appliances

Lawmakers have observed that Nigeria has become a dumping ground for energy-intensive appliances.

The House of Representatives has urged the federal government to develop policies that will phase out energy-efficient appliances.

The House resolved to ask the Federal Department of Energy and the Nigeria Standard Organization (SON) to establish a sustainable policy to phase out non-energy efficient appliances or equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

The resolution was taken on Thursday, following the adoption of a motion proposed by Rotimi Agunsoye (APC, Lagos).

In his motion, Mr. Agunsoye said that Nigerian households are still using energy-intensive appliances which have negative impacts on the greenhouse.

He said Nigeria can learn from other countries around the world that have already banned the use of non-power devices.

Mr. Agunsoye warned that the crisis in the energy sector will persist if measures are not taken to reduce consumption.

“The continued import of non-energy efficient products will have a negative impact on the country’s economic stability,” he said.

He added that “the use of energy-efficient appliances and equipment minimizes the exploitation of natural resources

such as natural gas, coal, water, diesel, gasoline, etc., and serves to improve the conservation of these resources as

a means of achieving sustainable development.”

Mr. Agunsoye further said that Nigeria has become a dumping ground for energy-intensive appliances. To solve the problem, he called for a comprehensive political response.

Members voted in favor of the motion when it was put to the vote by the speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila.

Therefore, the House mandated the Electricity and Industry Committees to ensure compliance and report back within four weeks for new legislation.