Nokia launches energy-saving services for MNOs for sale

Do you need an energy and home management SaaS?

System manufacturer nokia has launched two services for sale to network operators, which promise to save energy and possibly even reduce electricity bills for everyone from consumers to businesses. A helps mobile network operators (MNOs) identify more efficient networks, the other helps consumers stop wasting time, money and energy at home.

Both services use the Nokia AVA system analytics, virtualization and automation (AVA) to optimize energy use and create efficiencies in areas we couldn’t reach in ways we couldn’t manage. In theory. Ease of execution is provided by the offer as a service that mobile network operators can sell to their subscribers. Nokia said these will provide instant savings to network operators and customers.

The Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS helps MNOs detect anomalies and compare the energy efficiency of batteries, power supplies and air conditioning units that consume half the energy used by passive parts of the network infrastructure . Nokia has pledged to reduce value chain emissions by 50% between 2019 and 2030. This system will therefore target its own operations, products used, logistics and final assembly supplier factories.

The Nokia Home Device Management service is “vendor-independent” and automatically adjusts devices in any area, regardless of how many connected smart home thermostats, lighting systems and fridges the homeowner might have. It can remotely manage the millions of variables found in customer premises equipment (CPE) for homes and businesses, such as residential gateways, 5G fixed wireless access devices, Wi-Fi extenders and IP decoders. It could also create much more secure and reliable broadband connectivity for the smart home.

This energy service uses artificial intelligence to monitor multi-vendor network traffic patterns and reduce the use of connectivity resources during periods of low usage. By continuously monitoring network traffic patterns and making instant adjustments, the software can achieve twice the power savings of normal non-AI systems, which operate on the old-school method of temporarily shutting down network resources according to fixed schedules. Nokia says it could even save five times as much. However, he did not provide any numbers to illustrate the scale of the economy or back up his claims.

Nokia machine learning Anomaly detection The service was first announced in November 2021. Nokia currently manages 150 million home devices through its software and is ranked as the best in the market for artificial intelligence operations and network data management by Appledore Consulting.

“The convergence of cloud-native software, hyperscaler collaboration and 5G enables Nokia to automate services,” said Hamdy Farid, SVP of Business Applications at Nokia.