PacLights offers affordable and energy efficient LED lighting products

PacLights is a California-based lighting company specializing in the manufacture of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures and retrofit kits. They usually focus on top quality standards for their products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Their products are affordable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Products cover outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, lighting control, etc.

Responding to a question, the company’s spokesperson said, “Not only does using LED lighting create a better atmosphere, it’s also cheaper and faster to use than traditional HID high bays. We won’t realize the amount of money they will save until they measure their current consumption. At PacLights, we make it easy to measure customers’ potential ROI with our free ROI Calculator. »

Need LEDs high bay lights? PacLights offers premium quality LED high bay lights. They are all ideal for use in spaces with ceiling heights greater than 15 to 20 feet. The company’s LED high bay luminaires are available in linear and round fixtures and emit a range of light output. They are well designed to focus light more directly to create powerful long-range illumination. Thus, these indoor commercial lighting fixtures improve worker visibility and safety while improving productivity. This makes them ideal for warehouse lighting, recreation centers, sheds and storage facilities. Additionally, the company’s LED high bay warehouse fixtures typically turn on instantly and do not lose many hours of life due to constant on-off cycles like fluorescent and metal halide fixtures do.

The company spokesperson added, “The rebate calculator provides a comprehensive rebate analysis report on our products, which includes utility rebates, energy savings, return on investment and time period. profitability. Typically, the run hours on the Recovery Calculator default to 4,000 hours. However, customers can override this field if they have a specific usage time. For more information, customers can contact us.

In addition, PacLights LED highbay luminaires have a significantly longer lifespan and therefore do not need to be replaced as often, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Generally, the higher efficiency of their high bay LEDs means that less power is consumed to achieve the same light output produced by traditional light sources, which helps save money on energy costs. So, by purchasing the company’s LED high bay lights, customers will be among those using the most energy-efficient option on the market. Additionally, the company also offers LED awning lights which also offer higher energy efficiency, life expectancy and quality of light than the traditional metal halide fixtures they replace. They are easy to install for renovations and new construction.

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PacLights is a lighting company that offers advanced LED lighting solutions for every commercial and industrial lighting application.

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