Panorama – Mainspring Energy signs $ 150 million agreement with NextEra Energy Resources


The growing mandate for a reliable, affordable and low-carbon power grid is driving demand for new power generation technologies that can enable significantly increased use of renewable energy while providing improved resilience against natural disasters, increased flexibility and lower cost than the power grid. . Mainspring’s breakthrough technology, based on research originally conducted by the company’s co-founders in a thermodynamics laboratory in Stanford University, is designed to meet these demands by providing distributable and flexible energy in fuel that dramatically cuts costs and carbon today, while accelerating the transition to the net zero carbon grid.

The company also announced that it had entered a $ 150 million agreement with NextEra Energy Resources for the purchase of Mainspring units and the financing of customer projects from the first half of 2021.

“Mainspring is delighted to bring our new solution to market with world-class partners such as NextEra Energy Resources and our first Fortune 500 customers,” said Shannon miller, founder and CEO of Mainspring. “Their expertise, knowledge and validation of the industry are valuable assets in achieving our goals: to help our customers reduce electricity costs and carbon production, improve resilience against natural disasters and accelerate recovery. transition to the net zero carbon network of the future. “

“Many commercial and industrial customers as well as utilities want clean and reliable power generation, with the ability to switch to 100% renewable fuels like biogas and hydrogen as they become available. Said the President and CEO of NextEra Energy Resources. John ketchum. “Mainspring is able to integrate own production on site with renewables and the grid and we are delighted to support the bringing to market of this innovative product. “

On-site power generation delivers power where it is needed without using the transmission and distribution infrastructure of the power grid. Mainspring’s generators are designed to produce electricity with utility scale performance the size of a parking space, while meeting the world’s strictest emissions standards.

About the Mainspring Linear Generator

A linear generator – separate from an engine, microturbine, or fuel cell – is a device that directly converts motion along a straight line into electricity using chemical or thermal energy. Mainspring’s linear generator design uses a low temperature reaction of air and fuel to drive magnets through copper coils to efficiently generate electricity. This innovative design, combined with the company’s proprietary adaptive control software, enables high efficiency, near-zero NOx emissions, full dispensing capability, and seamless switching between fuels.

The product achieves low investment and maintenance costs through the use of standard materials, only two moving parts and an innovative air bearing system that eliminates the need for oil. It works without the use of complex mechanical systems or expensive catalysts.

Due to its use of a low temperature reaction without burning or flame, the Mainspring Linear Generator meets the strictest emissions standards in the United States. It also allows for fast and streamlined authorization.

Mainspring’s first commercial product is designed for a power rating of 250 kW and packaged in a standard 8ft x 20ft container. Each package incorporates two of the company’s revolutionary 125 kW linear generator cores, operating in tandem, and combines UL listed inverters and grid-tie auxiliaries into a turnkey package for quick, easy installation and quiet operation. . Future configurations will provide higher output power to serve industrial enterprises, data centers, hospitals, smart cities, and grid-level applications.