PG&E offers energy-saving tips as students return to school

PG&E press release:

Summer may be over for students returning to class, but the warm weather will persist for several more weeks. With the house or apartment a bit emptier, now might be the perfect time to reduce energy consumption.

Ways to save at home when students return to class

  1. Adjust the thermostat
    Make sure the thermostat is set at 78 degrees or higher. Customers can save 4-8% on air conditioning costs for every degree the thermostat is raised.
  2. Use the fridge wisely
    When the children are at school, the refrigerator door may not be opened and closed as often. When preparing school lunches, take out all ingredients and supplies at once and place them on the counter to ensure the door is not left open for long periods of time.
  3. Unplug devices
    With electronics left unused most of the day at home, make sure they are unplugged and turned off. This will prevent idle electronics from consuming power when not in use.

PG&E encourages customers to put these tips into practice as children return to school in hopes of creating lifestyle habits the whole family can maintain year-round. To find out how much energy is used for cooling, hot water, appliances, and other uses, take PG&E’s 5 Minutes Energy balance of the house.

PG&E also supports the energy is everything Program that provides K-12 educators with educational resources to help teach students about energy and the environment with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The educational program is available free to students across California.