PNG provides Granisle customers with energy-saving kits – Houston Today

Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) is providing its 150 Granisle residential propane customers with supplemental energy saving kits to help offset the higher energy costs that propane customers are experiencing.

These kits, which Granisle customers will receive in the mail starting this week, include easy-to-install energy-saving products to help customers reduce consumption, increase energy efficiency and save money.

“We understand that Granisle customers are concerned about the cost of energy, and we are committed to finding long-term solutions to lower rates,” said Al Kleinschmidt, director, Energy Solutions, PNG. “As we move through this comprehensive process, we are providing Granisle customers with energy saving kits as a first step in demonstrating this commitment.”

The utility also highlights their Smart energy solutions programs that are available to all eligible residential and business customers in the company’s service territories. These rebate solutions allow for better energy use, more efficient and reliable equipment, and savings on monthly utility bills.

This includes PNGs Home Heating and Smart Thermostat Tuning Program.

“Routine maintenance of the furnace or boiler gives customers the benefits of better energy efficiency without the costs of upgrading the entire furnace system. Plus, it has many additional benefits, such as extending equipment life, saving repair costs, and greater safety,” Kleinschmidt said.

Installing a smart thermostat simplifies energy management: setting your smart thermostat to 17°C when you’re out and sleeping — and no more than 20°C when you’re home and awake — can save up to 15% on home heating costs.

Installing a smart thermostat simplifies energy management. He says that by programming your smart thermostat to 17°C when you’re out and sleeping – and no more than 20°C when you’re home and awake – you can save up to 15% on heating costs. heating a house.

PNG is expanding these Smart Energy Solutions energy efficiency programs to further assist our customers in replacing natural gas equipment and undertaking home improvements, such as energy efficient doors and windows and increased insulation. . They recommend residential and commercial customers to check the Smart energy solutions website for deals available when reviewing energy efficiency upgrades.

Kleinschmidt also recommends free and inexpensive energy saving measures. “Simple changes in our daily behavior can have a big impact on how much energy we use.”

PNG Energy Saving Tips provides customers with information on simple steps to take to increase energy efficiency.

For example, on average, about a quarter of a home’s total energy consumption is spent on water heating. “Being efficient with your water usage – both hot and cold – will not only help you save on water heating costs, but also conserve a valuable resource.”

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