San José to receive Energy Saving Superhero Award from OhmConnect, declared winner of the City Energy Challenge

SAN JOSÉ, California, October 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, the Mayor of San José Sam liccardo will accept, on behalf of the City, the Energy saving superhero Price OhmConnect as a reward for the people of San José who reduced the greatest energy consumption in 2021 in OhmConnect City energy challenge. CEO of OhmConnect Cisco DeVries gave the City a $ 50,000 price. The funds will go to San José aspires micro-scholarships, a program that empowers youth from underserved neighborhoods to set goals that chart a course for post-secondary education and reduce barriers disadvantaged students of color face in accessing academic opportunities. The Challenge, launched on May 19, 2021, was a friendly competition between Oakland, Fresno, San José and Bakersfield, with each city scrambling to recruit new energy savers to help prevent summer blackouts.

“I am extremely proud of the people of San José for taking on the challenge of reducing their energy consumption in the face of utility outages and the risk of forest fires in our state,” said the mayor of San José. Sam liccardo. “These energy-saving superheroes illustrate what it means to make our own parts to contribute to a conservation-conscious energy network resilient to the challenges of climate change.”

The City of San Jos̩ and San Jos̩ Clean Energy have recruited 3,505 new users Рover 1% of all homes in San Jos̩ Рto save energy and protect California Grid. To build on the success of San Jos̩ residents in contributing to city-wide energy savings, local San Jos̩ students will receive 10 micro-scholarships worth $ 5,000 each through the San Jos̩ Aspires, that this $ 50,000 the prize will finance.

“The City Energy Challenge shows us what can be accomplished with a clear goal and incentives”, said Cisco DeVries, CEO of OhmConnect. “San José is a shining example of what we want to see through California: residents are using energy more strategically in order to save money while reducing stress on our network. Making it easy for everyone to do their part is how we will achieve a clean energy future. “

Even if California The network operator issued eight Flex Alerts this summer Рthe most in a year since 2006 Рthere have been no continued outages, in part thanks to the retention efforts of OhmConnect users in San Jos̩ and statewide. OhmConnect users saved more than 1.5 GW of electricity this summer to reduce grid stress, the equivalent of nearly one million homes off the grid for an hour.

To highlight the importance of energy efficiency, Mayor Liccardo issued a proclamation declaring “Energy Efficiency Day” in San José.

“We are delighted to learn that the Energy Saving Superhero Award will offer more scholarships to students of the SJ Aspires program ”, noted Jill bourne, municipal librarian. “Since the launch of SJ Aspires in 2019, a total of 856 local high school students have claimed 3,799 micro-scholarships. This award will help us continue to break down financial barriers for students and help them realize their dreams of getting a post-secondary education. ”

Mayor Sam liccardo launched SJ Aspires in partnership with the San José Public Library and the San José Public Library Foundation. SJ Aspires began as a way to reduce financial and informational barriers preventing low-income San José youth from going to college. The program uses a unique system of task-based micro scholarships that align with the decisions and actions of students in college or after graduation.

To watch a recording of the press conference, Click here.

About the city of San José
With more than a million inhabitants, San José comprises the 10e largest city in United States, and one of its most diverse cities. San José’s transformation into a global innovation center in the heart of Silicon Valley has resulted in the world’s greatest concentration of talent and technological developments.

About OhmConnect
OhmConnect, winner of the 2021 Fast Company World Changing Ideas award, was founded in 2014 to improve people’s lives and the health of the planet by reimagining how energy is (collectively) used. Today, OhmConnect enables hundreds of thousands of customers to reinvent their energy use and be rewarded for faster, smarter home energy use. OhmConnect enables customers to use clean energy without purchasing expensive solar systems or switching energy providers. The company pays its users for energy savings when the grid risks using dirty electricity. OhmConnect provided Californiam consumers with more than $ 15 million of rewards for energy savings. Customers of the big three California electricity suppliers – Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric – can register for free at OhmConnect at Follow OhmConnect on Twitter @OhmConnect, To see the OhmConnect Blog Where discover them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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