SCC approves plans for new renewable energy resources from Dominion, Appalachian Power

CCSThe State Corporation Commission has approved annual plans for the development of new solar, onshore wind, and energy storage resources for Dominion Energy Virginia and Appalachian Power Company under a standard renewable energy portfolio program established by Virginia Clean Economy Act.

In completing a detailed analysis of both plans and the issues raised in these proceedings, the Commission wrote in its final orders that it is guided by the law and the record. “We have exercised the Commission’s delegated discretion in a manner that faithfully implements the requirements of the VCEA which include reducing carbon emissions, while best protecting consumers who expect and deserve reliable and affordable service. .”

For the limited purpose of filing the first Revolving Portfolio Standards (RPS) plans under the VCEA, the SCC has concluded that these plans are reasonable and prudent. The Commission further noted that when evaluating subsequent plans and associated petition requests, these future annual filings will analyze how the plans and requests address and implement RPS and carbon dioxide reduction requirements. carbon.

As part of the final order in the Dominion case, the Commission approved the construction of three solar power generation facilities, known as the Grassfield, Norge and Sycamore solar facilities, totaling approximately 82 megawatts (MW ).

CSC also approved the company’s plan to enter into six power purchase agreements for approximately 416 MW of solar energy from third-party-owned facilities.

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