Sunamp signs £ 50million deal with Thumos to deploy energy-saving thermal storage products in China


Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell after signing MoU with Thumos

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Production of Sunamp thermal batteries

Sunamp signed an agreement at COP26 to work with Thumos to expand thermal battery sales to residential and commercial markets in China.

Sunamp’s global thermal storage leader has a role to play in China’s transition to clean energy by increasing the efficiency of renewable energy and we are excited to be working with Thumos to grow sales.

– Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, Nov 4, 2021 / – Sunamp signed an agreement on Energy Day at COP26 to work with Thumos to expand sales of its high energy density and high thermal batteries power density in residential and commercial markets in China.

The MoU is expected to result in £ 50million in revenue for Sunamp over the next five years and lead to the establishment of a Sunamp manufacturing plant in China. The thermal storage company, which has its global headquarters and manufacturing facility in Scotland, is already active in 17 countries around the world. The company recently opened its first licensed factory in Korea.

Sunamp and Thumos have already committed to working together to deploy 400 thermal batteries in high-end apartments in prestigious Hitime projects in Shanghai and in a vast pipeline of projects across China.
Sunamp compact thermal storage products use the company’s patented Plentigrade phase change material formulation, which stores 4 times more energy than water, to reduce energy use and carbon emissions associated with heating. and cooling in buildings.

Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell said:

“Ahead of the UN climate summit, China’s State Council said the share of non-fossil fuels in the country’s energy consumption will increase to 25% by 2030, nine percentage points higher until 2020. Our products have a role to play. play in this transition by increasing the efficiency of renewable energies and we are delighted with the opportunity to collaborate with Thumos to significantly expand our sales in China.

“Together, we will continue to develop and market innovative low-carbon systems for heating and cooling, including electric water heater products and air-source heat pump water heater products based on our Plentigrade phase change material. “

Mr. Chengyong Kang, Founder and CEO of Thumos, said:
“Thumos is delighted to sign the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Sunamp, which also marks the start of an extensive cooperation between China and the UK in the commercialization of PCM thermal energy storage. Thumos is committed to promoting the sustainable development of renewable energies and the environment digitally, to using off-peak electricity and waste heat in residential and commercial projects, helping to achieve the objective of China’s carbon neutrality and promoting green and low-carbon transformation. of global energy. Our collaboration with Sunamp will accelerate the pace of business expansion in the Chinese market and lead to the development of a larger green energy market. “

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