Sustainable Home Improvements and Your Business

The UK government’s Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme, which has seen up to £ 500million in funding allocated directly to local authorities, has resulted in the installation of approved energy efficiency measures in eligible homes. There was also the National Green Home Grant which allowed homeowners to borrow up to £ 10,000 for home improvement measures.

So what’s the next step for homes? It will be difficult to reach net zero by 2050 without a program to help households retrofit and renovate their homes with low-carbon heating and insulation solutions. A program like the Green Homes Grant will therefore be needed, along with measures to support the tens of thousands of new green jobs highlighted in the Green Jobs Task Force report.

To further reduce carbon emissions, two key elements will be needed:

The UK government’s delayed heating and buildings strategy could have far-reaching implications for homeowners across the UK as it will set the decarbonization strategy to help the UK meet its goal of net zero and clarify the political direction to achieve this.

This could have implications for homeowners, such as legal commitments to improve energy efficiency or install a low-carbon heating system – air source heat pumps currently cost between £ 7,000 and £ 13,000 and gas pumps. geothermal heat currently costs between £ 14,000 and £ 19,000.

Making these changes in people’s homes will be essential to achieving our climate goals. Households therefore need to be supported with expert advice and funding to make the transition as easy as possible.

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