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NUS Computing has received a generous multi-year donation from a major local consumer internet company to establish an Olympiad Fellowship. the stock Exchange is open to all students who have excelled in the International Olympiad in Computing (IOI) and intend to pursue their full-time undergraduate studies at NUS Computing thereafter. This is the first year that NUS Computing, as a school, has offered scholarships directly to IOI medalists. Previously, support for these talents was provided through more generic NUS scholarships.

Professor Mohan Kankanhalli, Dean of NUS Computing and Vice President of Laboratories at the company signed the agreement to establish the scholarship and a ceremonial check was presented by the company to the school. A donation of nearly S$500,000 was made to NUS Computing to kick-start the initial funding for the scholarship.

The first recipients of the scholarship are two first-year computer science students. One student, from Mongolia, was gold medalist at IOI 2020 and International Mathematical Olympiad 2021, while the other, from Vietnam, was gold medalist at IOI 2020 and 2019, as well as the 2020 Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad.

The scholarship will enable NUS Computing to attract some of the best students with demonstrated aptitude and passion for computing and is a huge boost for the school in its pursuit of global excellence.

The vice president of the company’s laboratories said their success would not have been possible without the strong pool of technological talent that has been nurtured by local institutes of higher learning such as NUS. It is hoped that through this scholarship, more high-level IT talent can be attracted to enroll in NUS and eventually contribute their ideas, energy and skills to the growth of Singapore’s tech ecosystem.

Nurture the best IT talent

The scholarship is given to Olympic medalists, regardless of nationality, who have been successfully admitted to NUS Computing. The first recipients of the scholarship are former IOI Gold Medalists. However, the intention is to eventually broaden the pool of scholarship applicants to deserving IOI silver and bronze medalists, as well as possibly other International Olympiad medalists.

The full-board scholarship covers tuition, living allowance, accommodation, and study abroad programs, among other expenses. Scholars will also have the opportunity to do an internship at Sea during their studies.

The scholarship will be awarded to at least one student every year until 2024. Besides the scholarship, the company is also behind the largest corporate donation ever received by NUS of S$50 million in 2021 to support the advancement of cutting-edge research and education. at NUS Computing.

The company has also been a regular sponsor of the NUS International Collegiate Programming Contest and the National Computing Olympiad since 2014 and has actively supported various other activities carried out by NUS Computing, including the School of Computing Term Project Showcase (STePS) and the Career Fair.

Transforming Singapore through technology

The digital era continues to evolve rapidly and as it is, Singapore’s vision of a digital Singapore is one where a digital government, a digital economy and a digital society leverage technology to effect the transformation of health, transport, urban life, government services and businesses.

Singapore’s Digital Government continues to invest in infrastructure and create shared open platforms for our businesses and citizens to learn and grow. The digital economy is driving businesses to invest in technology and talent to encourage growth beyond our shores. In addition, the digital society allows individuals to cultivate their talents and arm themselves with the latest digital technologies to realize their greatest inspirations and live better together.

During this time, the Smart Nation Initiative is a way forward; technology will be so well integrated that it will transform the country.