The Bodo Möller Chemie TechDialog webinar: Energy-efficient pretreatment of metals; Industrial chemical cleaning and metal pretreatment with savings potential

Offenbach am principal/Germany – With a webinar broadcast live from the Fritz-Henkel-Haus Düsseldorf, the Bodo Möller Chemistry Group continues the successful series of TechDialog seminars and webinars. On October 6from 10am, the webinar titled “Latest Generation Pre-treatments – Reducing Energy Costs in the Metallurgical Industry” covers modern methods to achieve higher efficiency and flexibility with the Adhesion Promoter No Rinse process, in cooperation with Henkel Adhesive Technologies. A second session at 11 a.m. focuses on saving energy with modern nano-ceramic conversion coatings from the BONDERITE® product family. The free TechDialog webinar is aimed at the metalworking industry, fabricators and coaters in the industry.

Energy-efficient metal processing

“Faced with global crises, companies are currently exploring all options to save energy. As companies send their workers on short-time work or reduce production, we want to show industrial methods to reduce energy demand that are nevertheless able to maintain high production quality,” says Bernard Vreden, Key Account Manager at Bodo Möller Chemie and moderator of both sessions. Modernizing production with minimal effort is therefore an alternative for many companies. This notably involves modernizing the iron/zinc phosphating pretreatment process towards new generation coatings, including the APNR process. The economical Adhesion Promoter No Rinse process not only saves energy, but also increases the corrosion protection of metal pretreatments with less waste generated. At the end of the pre-treatment process, BONDERITE® Adhesion Promoter or Conversion Coating is sprayed onto the parts and therefore no longer needs to be rinsed off afterwards – this time-saving process step saves energy and resources. Using practical examples, the half-hour webinar demonstrates how the process (offered by Henkel since 2017) can be implemented.

Nano-ceramic conversion coatings

The second session focuses on BONDERITE® M-NT series products with nanotechnology and C-AK, which serve as degreasers, and which can also be used in a low temperature process. The webinar also discusses solutions for optimal drying and the temperature needed for subsequent process steps. Experts from the studio, specially set up for the event, demonstrate the processes in a hands-on test and offer help to all attendees who have their own production challenges. “In addition to environmental protection and due to the current situation, energy saving is also a priority. Processes that operate at low temperatures actively save energy, phosphate-free products have uses for ferrous metals, aluminum or zinc, thus shortening costly installations Subsequent paint adhesion and corrosion protection are optimized When baths need to be eliminated, costs are also reduced because the rejection of sludge is significantly lower”, explains Andreas MoserDirector of Growth and Globalization at Bodo Möller Chemistry Group.

Attendees can register for the free webinar at October 6, 2022 through this link.

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