Trace Capital Management, formerly Denham Capital’s energy resource investment platform, announces the creation of a new energy-focused investment manager

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trace Capital Management (Trace) today announced that it was formed through the “lift out” of Denham Capital’s energy resource investment program – its active funds, staff and associated infrastructure – into a new energy-focused SEC-registered investment adviser.

With over $1.4 billion in invested and callable capital in two active investment funds, Trace will continue its successful energy resource investment strategy of making private investments in energy infrastructure, oil and gas upstream and low- or no-carbon assets and businesses. Trace generates market-leading energy returns by prioritizing management team advantage, asset-level diligence and discipline, portfolio construction and risk management.

Jordan Marye, Managing Partner of Trace, said, “We are delighted to form Trace Capital at a time of great change and opportunity in the global energy landscape. We believe our investment process, team and proven track record provide the foundation for an advantageous energy investment platform for institutional investors, entrepreneurs and companies looking to capture the real energy returns available today. today while taking advantage of the opportunities created by critical global low-carbon priorities. ”

Trace will be led by the current Energy Resources management team of Jordan Marye, Stu Porter, Geer Blalock, Steven Smith, James Obulaney and Anil Pillai, along with the rest of the current Energy Resources team. Trace’s management team has worked together for over 10 years, during which time the team has managed over $2.9 billion in total committed and invested capital and 26 investment platforms. Trace’s current portfolio comprises 11 active investments, including Rushmore Resources, Rockies Resources, Canes Midstream and BANGL Pipeline.

Stu Porter, Managing Partner of Denham and Senior Partner of Trace, said: “Denham is proud to have created and fostered the Energy Resources investment platform, and I look forward to continuing to be involved as a partner, investor and contributor. of Trace Capital to its continued success. ”

About Tracing: Trace Capital Management (Trace) is a proven and pragmatic energy investor focused on value and growth investments in the global energy landscape, with a particular focus on energy infrastructure, upstream oil and gas and viable opportunities at low/carbon free. Based in Houston, Texas, Trace currently manages funds with more than $1.4 billion in invested and committed capital. Learn more at