UIC Energy Resources Center to help distribute energy saving kits

As of 2016, UIC Energy Resources Center’s IE Kits program, sponsored by ComEd, has been providing advanced power strips, LED bulbs, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, and educational materials to residents eligible for income from Illinois.

“The goal is to help lower monthly utility bill costs for households considered low income,” said Oscar Mora-Diaz, senior energy engineer.

This year, the program should distribute 60,000 kits to households throughout the ComEd territory. In addition, the program is partnering with the Cook County Community and Economic Development Association to distribute 2,000 kits during the Operation Warm event on October 23, hosted by the Chicago Housing Authority. The event takes place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the UIC’s Forum Isadore and Sadie Dorin.

“UIC-ERC and CEDA will participate in the event by distributing the IE kits to income-eligible participants,” said Klaudia Kuklinska, research associate at UIC’s Energy Resource Center. “CEDA is the largest distributor of IE kits in the IE kits program, and our UIC-ERC staff will attend the event to help distribute the kits.

For more information, visit the Energy Resource Center website.

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