Ukraine is fully endowed with energy resources for the transition from the isolated mode, the completion of the period of the autumn season – Ministry of Energy

Ukraine has enough energy resources to successfully pass the three days of isolated operation of the integrated power system (IPS) from February 24 to 26 and complete the heating season, the Energy Ministry said.

“If there are enough supply volumes of coal products for thermal power plant warehouses, Ukraine’s IPS is balanced in terms of capacity. Total thermal coal reserves in Ukraine are about 1 .14 ​​million tonnes. These volumes are quite sufficient to successfully pass the isolated mode and complete the autumn-winter 2021/2022 period,” the ministry’s press service said on Tuesday.

The press service said that as of February 22, 781,000 tons of coal products had been accumulated in TPP warehouses, almost double the figure of last year (405,000 tons). In addition, approximately 160,000 tons are concentrated in port warehouses and up to 200,000 tons are additionally on board ships in the port of Pivdenny.

At the same time, nuclear production operates with 13 blocks out of 15 with an operational capacity of 11,645 MW, the press service specifies.

The ministry also said that Ukraine does not need large volumes of electricity imports from Belarus to ensure the operational security of Ukraine’s IPS and the needs of Ukrainian consumers.

“At the same time, gas reserves of 10.45 billion cubic meters in Ukrainian underground storage facilities are sufficient to complete the heating season. In addition, Naftogaz has already started gas imports for the next period autumn -winter,” the ministry said.