UW Oshkosh Wins Statewide Energy Conservation Challenge

Students and staff at UW Oshkosh won the Higher Education Kit Challenge and in the process saved $2,000 on their utility bills by installing products to improve energy and water efficiency in their houses.

The challenge, sponsored by Focus On Energy, gave off-campus students and staff the chance to order free energy-efficient care kits containing LEDs, showerhead power strips and more. Each energy saving pack ordered earned points for the school. In total, UWO students and staff ordered more than 240 kits, which reduced their energy consumption by more than 14,000 kWh. This is equivalent to saving the greenhouse gas emissions of two gasoline-powered cars driven for an entire year.

“Our campus had a great time participating in this challenge,” said Brad Spanbauer, campus sustainability coordinator. “Any way we can be good stewards of our resources and educate future generations on ways to reduce their monthly water and electricity bills will go a long way towards creating a cultural environment where sustainability is at the forefront.”

In addition to the energy savings achieved by UWO students and staff, Focus on Energy is donating $5,000 to UWO which will go towards energy efficiency related projects on campus.

“The goal of this competition was to raise awareness about making smart energy choices,” said Bill Plamann, Energy Advisor for Focus on Energy. “For some, this challenge could be the first step on their energy-saving journey. Understanding the loads behind your utility bills will ultimately lay the foundation for better managing future energy usage.

UWO came in first in the competition with a score of 6.56%, based on the total number of kits ordered using the designated school’s promotional code.

Other participating colleges in the challenge and their rankings include:

Marquette University, second with 0.99%

UW-River Falls, third with 0.48%

UW-Green Bay, fourth with 0.47%

UW-Stevens Point, fifth with 0.45%

UW-Madison, sixth with 0.21%

UW-Stout, seventh with 0.14%

Learn more about the challenge at focusonenergy.com/business/highedchallenge.